Maybe it’s us

I don’t think Uriah deserved to die. I spent my morning questioning why God allowed David’s plan to kill him work. I know God has no favourites, but I wondered if something made David more favoured to have planned the death of an honourable man and see it come to fruition.

I started going down that whole of thinking “if they’re both children of God, one praying for protection and one praying for his evil plans to prosper”, what makes one supersede the other, especially the one that falls under evil.

I’m not sure I got answers but I definitely got clarity in a changed perspective, the Holy Spirit got me to see that when we read of the actions of men in the bible, the questions don’t rotate around God alone; “why did God allow that” or “why didn’t God stop that”, it’s more of the heart of man, “why did man do that?”, “why didn’t man do that”.

The latter gives me the opportunity to see the possibilities of the flesh and turn to God for help. The former only puts the blame and responsibility on God alone, forgetting that we’re the kings over this territory and if we choose to use our authority to do evil, we can’t fault God who did His good in giving us that authority.

So this year is for deep introspection, not questioning Gods actions or inactions because they’ll all reveal His goodness (it’s been tried and tested through time), but questioning my own actions and actions till I find them in alignment with Gods will and desire.

Uriah died because David plotted and executed evil over him. God was good to have empowered David to be king but David fell in the expectations and responsibility given to him.

We can choose to have little or no Uriah stories just by how we live. Taking responsibility of our actions and inactions and looking within first before around.

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