Casting the same shadow

I’m often mind boggled by the power in Gods word that makes it adequate and sufficient for the new convert and the mature believer.

The newly saved will feast on the word, experience transformation and keep growing to maturity. The mature (ever maturing) will feast on same word and continue to experience growth and attain new heights of maturity in Christ.

It reminds me of a video I saw recently, it was a rotating sculpture in a museum that is ever rotating but the shadow is never changing, it stays same, even though the sculpture is a 3D figure that isn’t equal on all sides. It was really alluring, just like the impact of Gods word on men fascinates me; The rotating sculpture being us and the light casting the same shadow being the word.

The same book transforming different men at different levels or phases in their journey to the same image.

I was overwhelmed with the thought today and found myself praying that we stay hungry for this word. That we don’t ever begin to entertain thoughts of needing more than what is presented in Gods word.

I pray we continue to allow the light of the word cast the same exact shadow daily in and through us, that we don’t show a different shaped shadow and claim it is growth or maturity.

I pray we stay excited for the new converts who meet Jesus and start to look exactly like us.

We are ever transforming before Gods word, as long as expose ourselves to it, and that’s the kingdom agenda first before anything else; to see men transformed first, before they become transforming agents.

Here’s an encouragement to spend time in the word this year. Forget all you think you know and just keep rotating in the same light. The perfection of your shadow is something Abba delights in and I pray we don’t rob Him of this delight.

Gods word is enough.

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