Adjust the Crown

If you've watched Tyler Perry's Acrimony movie, you know exactly what an anchor it, it is that thing that sunk her down into the sea in the end after her attempted murder. Obviously that's not the dictionary definition but it is easier to use experiential scenarios to define something rather than just read it from … Continue reading Adjust the Crown

“You’re a Christian girl for God’s sake!”

I re-told the story of my friend below for a post on which I think you should totally check out! Re-told because it was by mouth it was said to me but I put it in writing. True story, I hope you're blessed, but even more, made more aware. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I had already known … Continue reading “You’re a Christian girl for God’s sake!”

The real Owner

We meet yet another “flash-in-flash-out” woman in the bible, I've blogged about a number of them so far, from Micah to Orpah to Pilate’s wife and now, we meet with Moses Mother, Jochebed (thank God she was named!). The only thing I hear her mentioned about is her bravery in placing Moses in a basket … Continue reading The real Owner