Minute feelings

The number 3 in the world has usually been said to be a lucky number. Biblically, 3 signifies wholeness and completeness.

It’s the 3rd month of the year.

How’s the year going for you? started on cracking with those plans? Well you should because soon we’ll be saying its the 7th month and then the 12th.

We truly may never understand this phenomenon called time.

In the last couple of days, I felt a kind of guilt. I was not sure where it was coming from but I was certain it was not God. God doesn’t bring guilt, asides being a very strong tool in the hand of the devil, At times, it could be you that won’t forgive yourself, and sometimes its godly sorrow and that’s totally okay because godly sorrow always leads to repentance.

Anyways, in this guilt, I found it hard to pray and when I got myself too, I still had this feeling that something was amiss and needed to be put right. I needed to talk to God without allowing the devil trick me into thinking I had done something wrong that couldn’t be forgiven.

So as you would imagine, I gave myself to worship, singing and listening to worship songs and allowing my heart judge for itself who deserved worship in spite of how I had been feeling.

I just stayed there allowing the Holy Spirit rinse and clean me and allowing God receive the glory that was due Him.

Nothing had actually happened. I had not done anything wrong that couldn’t be forgiven and contrary to what I was feeling, God was waiting to have me come into His presence.

We hear people say all the time that you need to ‘die to self’to completely live this christian life to the fullest and you find that there’s no meaning to this statement coming from the people saying it.

Part of dying to self is subjecting every element of your being to your spirit which is now in partnership with the Holy Spirit. Particularly your emotions and feelings. Those are 2 most critical parts of every human being that needs to be brought to subjection to the Holy Spirit to give no room for the devil to manipulate and deceive you.

Because we’re human, our feelings and emotions are tied to the circumstance and situations around us and while a lot of times, our spirits are in the positive, these elements tend to rebel, which explains why I said you need to bring them to subjection to the spirit.

Part of growing and maturing spiritually is knowing and discerning when different voices speak including that coming from your feelings and that coming from the Holy Spirit.

The faster we understand this, the least likely guilt will be used against us. Even when you’ve done something wrong, you need to believe that God is just waiting for you to turn back and not accusing or blaming you of anything.

Make March the month to bring your feelings and emotions to subjection to the Spirit. It’ll go a long way. Particularly for us females who are very sensitive to our emotions.

Have the best month 🙂


PS. we started a series on our Facebook group ‘FOCH Woman‘ titled ‘God and the woman’. Make sure you check it out.


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