Focusing on you

Hey there,

Hope you’re good and all is well with you, I want to believe you’re being strong. Its already April! Imagine that.

Happy Easter. I always wondered why Easter isn’t as celebrated as Christmas is, and if you think about it, the essence of the Easter celebration should even be greater than that of Christmas, not that the birth is not significant, but the death and resurrection is the only reason we actually have that relationship that we currently have with our creator.

Anyways, after much thought, I concluded that just maybe because it usually falls in exam periods might be why people, especially students didn’t celebrate that much. (That’s me giving the world a benefit of doubt).

So, these past few weeks, I’ve been exposed to numerous blog posts, books, articles and stories that have stimulated certain thoughts in me and from the perceptions of all these factors, there seems to be something that suggests that the female usually does something, either work, or make up, or dressing up, or even exercise for approval or acceptance and I even saw several people argue it out in comment sections and all.

And because I never have really given it much thought, I withdrew to see for myself reasons I do things.

You know that behind everything we do, there is always a motive, literally always, and as Christians that’s what we’re always advised to check. Our motives, because you can do good things but with a bad motive and while you deceive the people around you, you cannot deceive God who sees your heart.

So, I began questioning motives with everything I did. Everything.

When I was going to church, I asked myself why I picked what I did to wear, same with school. when I was getting set, I asked myself why I chose to wear my hair up or down. When I got to my lecture rooms and church, I asked myself why I sat where I sat and when I ate, I asked myself why I decided to eat what I did.

This exercise opened my eyes to a lot of things and helped me see myself even better. There were things in my subconscious that subconsciously influenced the decisions I made on a daily basis and I was not even aware of.

It is something I would encourage everyone to do because it helps you focus on you and the things you value in your life. You have good reasons behind doing what you do and you find that your motives are better explained if you are asked why you did something the way you did it.

Society, particularly social media takes focus off you without you even realising it. You subconsciously begin to do things because it was said to be right or good without checking them against your own will or values which puts you in a place of compromising your principles really without you even being aware of it.

Focus on you FOCH woman. This post remind me of a blog-post we had early last year, you should definitely check it out.

Have the best week. X


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