First woman in the bible and in the world.

Isn’t is funny the courage of the author to name her in the category of ‘bad girls of the bible’?
I thought it was very bold of Liz Kurtis Higgs, seeing that most of us would like to see Eve as the mother of life despite her still short-changing the life with the action she performed in all of her abundance.

Here’s what bugged me most about Eve. She was the best woman there was and could be. Eve didn’t have anyone to contend femininity or beauty with, in the female element.
She was the best woman God could’ve made.
I know God looked at them both and called them good but I sometimes say that God could’ve called Eve perfect after creating her before He allowed Adam to wake up and see the bone of His bone.
For all we know, we might never know if God did call her perfect.

With Eve, I learnt contentment.
I wrote it as “I need to learn not to want more when I have enough”.

Eve had enough. She herself was enough. But in search for more to her enough, she was deceived by the devil and fell into the deceit.

On the part of the devil in Eve’s story, to borrow it as Jenom put it, “not even the best of anything is strong enough to put the devil off”
So it’ll be folly for us to get to certain stages in our pursuits in life and begin to entertain thoughts that the devil can’t deceive us any more because in all of Eve’s undisputed strength and beauty, the devil still came for her.
The key is to forever be watchful and prayerful in the entire journey through earth.

#contentment #badgirlsofthebible

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