Over the last few days, I have been doing a kind of book review on Liz Kurtis Higgs ‘Bad girls of the bible’.

If you’ve read it, *hugs, and if you have not. *bigger hugs, we get to do it together.

I read it over a book group chat and it was amazing exchanging ideas and seeing how everyone saw it from their minds. The lessons I learnt through the book study have been impressed on my mind and I’ve felt God convict me strongly to share, so I thought, where better to share this than with Foch woman!

I started posting them on the Foch woman Facebook page, (you should follow the page if you haven’t), but I thought people here might also want to be a part of it, so I decided to share it here too.

I want you to read and enjoy this! I want you to share with your friends, but even more, I want you to challenge anything you might not agree with and tell me from your own perspective.

Here’s to the next weeks studying the 10 ‘Bad’ girls of the bible!

bad girls

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