I think majority of people knew Delilah before they read her story, For me personally, I observed that it was mostly used as profanity on the subjects it was used on.

Apart from Jezebel, Delilah is the other name that any parent would have to be completely ignorant to give their daughters.
I even personally have an issue with her because no bible story hurt me the way Samson’s did.

I cant really call his ending victorious, despite the fact that He killed more in His death than when He was alive, because I strongly believe that God had amazinggg plans for him, and for every day he spent being an exhibition for the philistines, the plans of God for Him were being truncated.
He couldn’t have made poorer decisions.

Delilah means “delicate” or “dainty one”, and contrary to that, Delilah was very crude at heart and mind.
I also reckon she was very beautiful.
The bible doesn’t explicitly describe how beautiful she was, but to win the attention of Samson, she must have been an epitome of beauty-full!

But, she was also the definition of materialistic and imagining her in this day and age, she would’ve been a wreck because there’s enough things for her to run after.
She was a woman willing to trade trust, love or anything at all for money.

They say we will always desire the treasure we believe most valuable and for Delilah, money was what was most valuable, so she desired it with all of her.

Her story brought me to truly look into my desires and evaluate them against God’s word.
The things I’m so quick to remember or think about.

Our desires lead us much more than we know and if we’re having issues knowing our desires, you can easily trace it to the things, places and people we run to ever so often.

Delilahs lesson is to evaluate our desires and align them to what they should be depending on who we say we are and what we call ourselves.

It’s these invisible emotions that’ll be brought to light when we stand before God, let’s make sure we’re proud for it to be revealed.

#Desire #money #BadGirlsOfTheBible

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