I think this is one of the most beautiful feminine names in the bible.
What makes it all the more captivating is the fact that it actually means beautiful or precious!
If it was in a similar setting to now, I reckon people struggled to pronounce it which for me is a repelling effect, seeing I wouldn’t want to have to correct people every single time on how to pronounce my name.
Sapphira must have had a pretty good life, the bible doesn’t give us much information into her history but just assessing where she and her husband were, I see they must have been beyond comfortable and probably in a comfortable social class in their society but not quite where they wanted to be.
A lot of speculations from Christian journals and accounts on Ananias and Sapphira’s story suggest that Sapphira must have persuaded Ananias into the lies they told that led to their death.
Just because Eve was a culprit, they felt, even in this case, Sapphira had to have had the upper hand.
Let’s just thank God we didn’t have the full account really, I don’t know how it would’ve been if really that was the case.
Sapphira and her husband lied about how much they had sold a piece of land to withhold some part of the money they had made from the sale.
Because I’m female like her, I’m almost so certain that her instincts where going crazy within her when she and her husband had agreed to frame this story.
She must have felt guilty and must have been slightly aware of the doom that awaited her when Peter came and asked her how much they had sold the land for after her husband had died already.
People say “women just know”, and I can’t really explain this or completely agree with it but what I can vouch for is the almost accurate instinct God has placed in us. Imagine now combining that super power with the Holy Spirit, the kind of exploits you’ll be manifesting!
If you read the narrative Liz Kurtis Higgs gave, she saw it just as I did, Sapphira could sense something going wrong when they summoned her after the death of her husband and it was her instincts telling her “give it up Girl, they know and you know they know”.
But she violated those instincts and still stuck with the plan that had led to her husbands death and as we see, equality prevailed even in that punishment, she also died.
The saddest part of this story was the fact that there was no coercion, intimidation or enforcement given to this couple to sell that piece of land or bring that money.
In their free will, they decided to, although we see that they had ulterior motives that was not going to please or glorify God.
Sapphira’s story taught and reminded me of the natural inherent gift that God has placed within me.
I was reminded not to take it for granted and even in the time of doubt, to seek God’s face.
She also taught me that the best time to give anything would be when there is nothing in it for me.
If I do something solely because I see that my doing will prompt a reward, that might be where I’ve missed it.
#Sapphira #BadGirlsOfTheBible #Instincts #TrueGiver

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