Forgive that I took this long to write on the final woman in the series of ‘Bad girls of the bible’, I’ve been up and about, nonetheless, nothing of all I’ve been up to is excuse for not posting the final part.

On the other hand, for some reason, I got really excited knowing that the last was Jezebel. You don’t really need to read the bible to know her story.
Her name is tossed and thrown at every female that wants to look like a ‘devil’, in her words or actions.

As crazy as it sounds, I identified most with Jezebel among all the women in this series, (Yes, you might want to go say a prayer for me… lol)

But really, Jezebel’s story shows us how crafty and intelligent the devil is in taking the amazing strengths and gifts God has given us and turning them into things that look ugly to the point you don’t recognise the blessing they are.

Jezebel was wilful, powerful, Intelligent, in-charge, and she had the most critical and analytical mind. She was the definition of astute in the best way possible. I realise that it is so hard to see all of these qualities in the story written about her but remember that the devil can be anything but a creator!

What he does is he takes what God has created and twats it to be something ugly. He sabotages God’s creation to abuse what God originally created it for.

In Jezebel’s case, He took all of those qualities highlighted above and made them to what you see in the bible. Not without Jezebel’s consent though.

And this is where my lesson from Jezebel came.

God has truly blessed us with all spiritual blessings, including beautiful talents, rare gifts and unique personalities. But the devil is constantly seeking to take this beautiful gift and make into something ugly..

We can’t allow him, we should never allow him.

For me, it is a daily conscious thing now, I have a tendency to come off as Jezebel did, and that makes me hold on to the Holy Spirit all the more. I fault here and there but once the Holy Spirit convicts me of it, I repent and forsake the thought, word or action.

Let’s stop allowing the devil take glory for what he is incapable of creating. Let’s stop allowing him take the beauty out of what God has created.

Let’s daily deliberately and intentionally work at allowing what God has created find expression in its natural state. And the natural state of anything God has created is BEAUTY-FULL.

I challenge you to write down all the supposed ‘bad’ things you notice about yourself. When you’re done, ask God to open your eyes, so that you can see the gift God has blessed you with that the devil has taken and turned against the purpose God put it in you for.

If you do this exercise right, you’ll be mind blown!


4 thoughts on “JEZEBEL

  1. says:

    Oh myyyy, Bad girls of the Bible was Amaaazziinnggg!! I enjoyed every bit 😀 I’m eager for the next series 😊😊 I bless God for your revelations!




    • fochwoman says:

      Thank you for following through the series. I’m excited you enjoyed it and even more, hopeful that you got life lessons that could make you a better version of yourself.

      I’ll really like to know which bad girl you identified the most with and why.

      We’ve got loads more coming up and we’re excited to have you on the journey too!
      Please share with your friends and family too x


  2. Deetarg says:

    Great post as always Rubie. I always love to see or imagine the story behind the story of some of these characters. It helps us look at people more empathically and it also helps us understand what is behind certain actions and, thereafter, know what steps to accurately deal with the person or situation.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Fochwoman says:

      Yesss! Exactly! It’s why they say “don’t judge a book by its cover” cause beyond what you can see if a whole history that we don’t know!
      Thanks for reading and engaging 🙏🏽


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