Moments of Truth

I have decided to tag any blog-post that draws lessons from my personal life and experiences ‘Moments of Truth’. Because it is me, coming clean with you all, *cough, I mean, the entire world, seeing as anything that goes on the internet, has the potential to reach the entire world.

Part of my retreat is prayerfully meditating and answering some questions from the retreat guide (i’m happy to email it to you if you request it).

A few days ago, I was on question 17, and it reads – ‘How much did you grow in the Word this year?’

I honestly could’ve just written ‘I grew a whole lot’ and moved on, but as part of my retreat rules, I must think about a question for a minimum of 3 minutes before I attempt writing down answers and praying on them.

So while thinking on this question, something hit me really hard, so my answer went something along the lines of ‘I definitely grew in the word this year, but compared to 2017, I didn’t grow as much’.

After I finished writing, I felt a level of satisfaction, till I remembered that 2018 was ‘Read the entire bible’ through the year. 2017 was not that year. So it was fascinating to me that in the year where I purposely choose to read the entire bible, I don’t grow as much as in the year I don’t read the entire bible.

Ps. I am not one of those Christians who believe that reading the bible is a feat, for me, it was a personal goal I set for myself, as I also did in 2015 as well. That you’ve read the entire bible, page to page, word to word, does not gives you a ‘Rabbi’ title or place a Halo over your head in the spiritual realm. So please try to get my point.

Back to my story, as I was laughing at myself and marvelling at this funny truth, I heard God telling me that ‘It is not in the quantity or the milestones, rather, the quality and the fellowship’.

Basically, what that meant to me was that, my routine to read this number of chapters every day, did not mean that I was connecting and fellowshipping with the spirit of God in all of those moments, for some of the time, it was ‘crush the to-do list’ and not ‘sit at the feet of Jesus’.

So, I got more from my 2017 ‘random’ bible reading than I did in my 2018 intentional ‘read the entire bible through the year’ plan because of my pursuit for the quantity over the quality.

But affliction will not rise a second time, 2019, we’re reading the bible, whether all through or just as led by the spirit, the most important thing is that we are actually fellowshipping with the Spirit of God while at it. That makes all the difference!

Now, if you don’t mind me asking, How much did you grow in the Word this year?


4 thoughts on “Moments of Truth

  1. Rukiyat says:

    Emails form your blog is a breathe of fresh rubs are a breath of fresh air…this year’s fellowship with God was shaking,am in awe,how much have i grown?tremendously! mostly in love which brought about peace,patience and understanding,praise God!i miss u loads

    Liked by 1 person

    • Fochwoman says:

      Hey Ruks xx
      Lord knows I miss you so much as well! Thanks for constantly engaging with these blog posts, times when I forget my ‘why’ with regards to this blog, God brings to mind you and a few others and I keep going!
      God bless you My love!

      And I’m thrilled to hear of how much growth you’ve made this year, it’s not so much a shock though, seeing the God we have, and remember i’m also a witness to it! Can’t wait to get back on social media so we can continue our mini bible study’s!
      God bless you girl! xx


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