Selfish sometimes makes Selfless.

The Month is running by very quickly so i’m hoping you’re squashing those goals and even documenting it as you do so! I’m not entirely 100 with mine, but we’re getting there and trusting God for all the grace and strength!

The last few weeks have been a breeze, by that I mean fast, cold and one-thing-to-the-next situations. It hasn’t allowed me pause and enjoy the moments and it’s made me do round the clock schedules. It has been scary to say the least.

In all of it, God has been merciful enough to catch my attention in His own very unique ways to say ‘Hey, slow down’ or ‘Hey, busy is not productive’ and when I think about it, it makes me wanna just sit and cry really. So I felt deeply inspired to encourage every reader here to know how critical it is to never pour from an empty cup, to never assume that your soul is bottomless and ever running, but rather, to understand that it constantly needs refilling and refuelling.

On one day last week, someone text me with a paragraph of something she had been struggling with and I remember after giving it some thought, I pressed the voice note button to reply and nothing came out, I stuttered a bit and just cancelled it. It wasn’t that I didn’t know what to say, but I was actually tired and my spirit needed me to pay attention to me first.

As ministers, (which we all are once we come into this Salvation), sometimes God does require you to be comfort to people even while in your own storm. Your Pastor who stands preaching on Sunday does not do that because everything is perfect in His own life, He does it because He has a divine responsibility and calling on His life which is in operation no matter how His own life might be going, He also sees that the occurrence in His own life doesn’t ever reduce the person of Christ and I’ve seen that it’s all part of the training and disciplining process.

But while this is very valid, God never allows us to get where we’re giving out and never replenishing ourselves all in the name of ministry so I want you to be intentional about your own life, your own growth and your own salvation.

It you and God first before you and anyone. Someone needs to take a break and get alone with God.

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