Inviting now, rather than later?

I had some baking to do in the last couple of days so this morning, I got up and did the last of it before getting to wash the utensils.

Who else sees washing plates as a necessary evil? lol. It is not something I am very keen on doing but I’ve come to accept that it is something I might never be able to run from, no matter the number of disposables one decides to use.

Anyway, back to washing the baking trays, I always save them for last because they need the most space to wash and rinse properly without getting the entire floor wet so I did that. I finished washing every other thing that needed washing, preparing the sink to wash the trays.

As I was washing the biggest of the 2 trays, I noticed how water kept splashing everywhere no matter how low I tried to keep the intensity of the flow from the tap, I also noticed it took me longer to wash round it, and also rinse round it till it was clean enough to dry in the rack. By the time I got to the smaller tray, I was smiling, appreciating how easy it appeared to be with the washing and rinsing and with minimal water being splashed around because the dirt was not as bad and it’s size was also manageable.

Then the Holy Spirit reminded me of a conversation we were having recently in my bible study where we were discussing if God takes a man’s life when He turns to Him and gets Him to start again with His (God’s) original plan for His life, or if God continues to build on what a man has already started to build and ignores the previous buildings erected for that man even after he turns to God.

We began looking into the bible and we saw that it was all reliant on God’s sovereignty, for some people like Abraham, God required Him to stop and go back, Abraham had assumed that God will carry on delivering the promise through Ishmael, but God’s word stood on the fact that the promise was going to be delivered through Isaac and so Abraham’s plan of Ishmael was only a detour but not the original plan of God. While for some others, God did not necessarily get them to start again but restructured their foundations and carried on building.

The conclusion of that matter was to invite God from the start rather than take any chances to wait until you have started building to invite God into it. A lot of Christians are guilty of that, carrying on with their own personal desires and telling God “oh God, i’ll come to you, not just now”, most times, more in our actions than our words.

So The Holy Spirit was giving me an analogy with the baking trays, saying that ‘A man who decides to build and comes back to me after His personal buildings are erected, but I have rejected is the big tray who will take longer and undergo more tedious processes to get to the place I want them, they will also cause levels of inconvenience to the people around because in their washing and restructuring of their foundation, other people will be affected as well,’, then He said ‘With the small tray, notice the ease with which you turned it around to wash properly without splashing any water at all, that’s how much easier it will be when people just surrender to me before building anything that I have not authorised and making me look like the bad guy when I try to pull down structures that should not be there in the first place’.

I thought this very accurate, how we often run with out thoughts and desires without first waiting to hear from God and when He comes around later after we’ve let Him in and He begins to pull down structures not meant to be there, we make it appear like ‘God is testing me’ or ‘God is taking me through a wilderness right now’, meanwhile, all He’s doing is uprooting all the things that He did not plant.

It is always wise to submit your plans, will and desire to  God and just ask Him to rule and reign over them because He always knows best!. Don’t wait till you think you’ve achieved what you want and then hand it over to Him. While it is still little with minimal cost of damage, present it to God and receive His guidance on the situation.

You’ll save yourself and the people around you so much stress by just submitting and being obedient.


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