This ‘thing’ called Love :)

I totally understand why Jesus summed up the entire law in the Love command. Like the 10 written commandments, together with all the other laws, offerings and sacrifices were just dealt with in one way. Love way.

Love is powerful!

Last night, I got home feeling like I would literally break in any moment, like physically speaking, it was not even the activity of just that day, I think it was a compound effect of my sleep deprivation and limited rest in the days leading up, so I was really down and to worsen it, I spoke to my mum earlier and she was feeling sick as well and that just really got to me, but on getting home, I sensed a deep need to spend some time in prayer, so I got to my room, lay for a while and just cried. The tiredness, the feelings, mummy’s illness and just wanting to be pampered by my loving Father in that moment.

I was mentally getting ready to get up to pray when God just led me to read Psalm 139:16, and the tears just started flowing, this time it was not even about the feeling or situation of the moment, it was in response to realising my importance to the greatest being that could ever live and His undying Love for me.

I was trying to rush through that feeling so I could get into praying about the things bringing me concern and I just sensed Him asking me to abide, to wait and get the fullness of it and I was mentally struggling, like ‘God, there won’t be enough time to pray’ but he just kept saying to stay there.

I obliged and by the time I was finished, I lay across my bed with my head dangling at the side, my heart full and my peace restored. My fatigue had disappeared as well and strength I could not understand came, but what blew me away was the assurance and nudge to go to bed, Everything was going to be fine.

God used His love to sort out my pain, my fatigue and my concerns. He would rather I stayed there and enjoy His love than shout out my prayers to Him in tears. It doesn’t automatically mean ‘Don’t raise your requests to God in prayer’, but in that moment, and for this time, this was all He required and I remain in awe honestly.

God’s love is second to none. It’s potency, it’s fullness and its consuming nature is one I pray we never miss out on. Love was able to cover every law that existed because everything responds to love. Not just people, but every situation, every pain and every harsh reality of this life.

Let’s be intentional in accepting God’s love. He gives it because He sees it is the solution, not a solution, The solution. Let love also be our solution to everyone and everything.


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