What’s the difference???

There’s actually an urgent need for us to grow and mature as Christians and get to the point where we become labourers in the vineyard too. But remember you cannot be a labourer without the knowledge of a labourer so you will first attain a specific level of knowledge before you will be sent into the vineyard to get more harvest.

A few days ago, I was reading the parables of the kingdom.
Shortly and concisely, in that parable, Jesus planted wheat and then went to sleep, while He slept, an enemy came and planted weed. When Jesus helpers woke up and went out to check the farm, they saw that there was both wheat and weed growing. They came back and asked Him.
“Didn’t you plant only wheat?, where has the weed come from?”
Jesus answered and said the enemy came and planted the weed.

So the very wise servants then asked, “should we go and uproot the weed??” I mean farmers do it a lot today don’t they!?! Uproot weed when they notice them.
But Jesus said this “no, lest while you gather the weed, you also uproot some wheat, so wait till the harvest”.

The only reason why Jesus would be careful to not send his servants out to the field to uproot the weed is because He is concerned they might uproot some wheat with the weed.
And I sat asking myself how this could be a possibility because skilled farmers know distinctly, the difference between weed and wheat, and I realised why there’s a possibility of that? It’s because there’s almost no distinction now.

From the image from this passage, especially in our time, we’re too joined and entangled with the weed the enemy has planted to the point where even if they want to uproot the weed, there’s every possibility that we’ll also be uprooted, so Jesus saying ‘no’ is for our safety and benefit, but I believe there wouldn’t have been a need for the safety measures if the servants are able to see clearly which are the weed and which are the wheat.

But everybody is claiming wheat and in as much as you truly might be wheat, you’re somewhere joined or entangled with weed which puts you and the rest of the body in so much danger, your way of life is so identical to the weed that there’s almost no difference, but you’re suppose to be wheat.

You see, the reason why we need to grow and mature as Christians is because we’re actually holding the whole body of Christ back. Remember? Different members but same body. When you come to Christ, despite the fact that your salvation is personal, were all working as members of the same body for a sole purpose.

Jesus said at harvest they’ll bundle the weed and throw them in the fire and gather the wheat and put it in His barn. Even at that harvest, I often pray that there’ll be a clear distinction to separate the weed from the wheat.

There has to be a difference in the way we live our lives, there’s no two ways about it, we can’t be identifying as wheat but being identified as weed! This transcends to every aspect of life. God is asking us to be wheat without shame, bold wheat that can be identified from miles away.


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