The Human Butterflies

I totally believe when people speak of the ‘transformation power’ that lies in the gospel. Until you have been changed, I don’t believe you have experienced the ‘hit’ of the gospel because that’s the purpose of knowledge, to bring change, and the purpose of the gospel is positive change, not just change. The kind where you’re stripped of self and daily  being moulded to resemble Christ who is the ‘First begotten’ and not ‘Only begotten’ anymore by what He did on the cross.

It is always a working of inside-out, never outside-in because the gospel aims for the core of us and not just the do’s and don’t’s. It is more concerned about the root than the fruits and that explains why I usually have a little problem with stewards of the word who attack the fruits and not the root.

I also usually say to people often willing to stop bad habits never to attempt doing it by themselves because it will not work. Will-power won’t betray itself. But the Spirit of God remains supreme to will-power, so rather than attempting doing it by yourself, hand that will to the Spirit of God within you and watch Him bring the never-going-back change that only He can produce. He works step by step, there’s no magic about it because the transformation He allows us experience prepares us to also administer to other people who go through the same issues.

Paul put it like this ;

He comforts us in all our troubles so that we can comfort others. When they are troubled, we will be able to give them the same comfort God has given us. – 2 Corinthians 1:4

So if you’re struggling with stopping any habit or trait in your life that you have identified as limiting and toxic, don’t just wake up and say ‘Today, I will not do this and this’, ask the Holy spirit to empower you against whatever it is because by Jesus death on the cross, we are no longer slaves to sin!

I daily see the Holy Spirit breaking ‘self’ in my life and honestly, it remains my biggest testimony because everything that limits and causes me to stumble is in self, so my daily prayer is ‘God please save me from myself‘. I can’t begin to tell you what the answers to this prayer has done for me.

Yesterday again I was reminded, coming back from church, normally i’d get home and get preparing for the coming week and all, but the Holy Spirit just dropped names in my heart, and when I finally settled down to understanding these names, I realised it was the people who would usually be in church that weren’t, so the instruction was simple ‘message them and check they’re okay’. Despite stalling, I finally got to doing it and as I did it, God took me to realising that I could only do this by His power, because if left to me, I won’t be too bothered about who turned up and didn’t turn up to church, so He was breaking self-centeredness in self and honestly, it felt sooo good!

Fast forward to early this morning, I got a notification of a follow on my Instagram and opened it up to see who it was and after a few scrolls over the person’s page, I realised I didn’t appreciate their use of profanity in captions as well as their approach to loads of things which was evident in the captions and I mentally decided I couldn’t follow this person back cause I didn’t want to be exposed to that on my timeline.

Moments later, I felt a nudge to go follow her back and I heard in my Spirit that ‘Since you’re both following each other, she sees your captions, you see hers, so we can hope that she’s convicted by the slightest by the words that you could have in yours and you’re conscious not to allow her words or mannerism rub off on you’, and it made perfect sense to me, so I followed her back.

All these seeming small and mundane things that I see the Holy Spirit speaking to me about shows me the changes He’s making in me. It is never really the massive things as we usually think, it always starts from the small.

Let’s be intentional about this submission to change shall we? Grace is sufficient!

Have a beautiful, productive and blessed week! You’re graced in every way for it.


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