The only acceptable trials and errors

I was thinking to myself this morning how we really do not know, until we have tried. I’m of the opinion that while experience isn’t the only teacher, it is a great and practical way to get a lesson.

I look at people doing certain things today and I truly admire their effort and commitment, sometimes, directly by complimenting or simply just internally appreciating them and praying more grace over them and their work. Most times I am not even able to think myself in their shoes because I have been there and realised it does not bring me joy, the way it does the person which is then again a constant reminder of the different courses that God has given to us all.

I played sports all primary and secondary school, football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis and even did some field and track events. I love sports! the spontaneity of it but even more the bringing together of people for a common goal.

I made beads and sold with my sister for a couple of years in primary school, we would also send some to my grandma’s and aunties. I figured I enjoyed to an extent the creativity of designing the outlook of the beads, but I didn’t enjoy so much the packaging or sales of it.

I learnt to an intermediate level, the violin and recorder in primary school, I started on the piano, and I really hated it. The violin seemed a lot better but it really still didn’t spark the fire in me. I only was dedicated to playing the recorder because I had to play it on assembly and sometimes, was graded on it.

I went for a beauty pageant in a camp in my 5th year of high school, funny thing, I actually won, but I know that if given a chance in my present life to go for a pageant again, i’ll probably decline. I hated the suspense, comparison and stress of dressing up for each round. I think what made me win it in the end was the quality of my answers which focused on social justice issues as well as the educational system of Nigeria, which really are my fort.

I did an art class all of high school and I loved that I could express myself, but I hated how messy it was. I didn’t like to get my hands stained, so I was not the biggest fan of the drawing, painting or colouring activities, although I did all my biology drawings in senior secondary school. lol

My oldest sister was a dancer. She use to have a dance group that danced at events and also at stadiums during commercials, so I had my fair share of dance lessons. I loved dance but i’d prefer doing it in front of my mirror or in church. But anywhere else, i’m not very comfortable. I’ve been in choir all of my life as well, singing is the one thing I might never stop doing. Not on a large scale level, but just expressing my voice through the raising of songs in worship.

I acted drama in church often, my mum was a minister in the children’s church and so whenever they needed people to act drama’s before lessons, they would always look for me. Not that I had the skill, just on the account of my mum. I hated it! I didn’t like faking a role or an accent. I also found the whole thing funny so usually you’d find me snickering while playing my role, no matter how serious it was.

I grew up in a bakers house. My mum baked it all, you name it! Both for the house and commercially, so I had done baking as well. Cakes, bread, donuts, chin-chin, puff-puff, meat pie etc. I loved it as well, but I hated the bits leading up to the actual activity and definitely how tired I felt after it was done.

I spent the summer after I graduated high school in a fashion design academy, learning to draw and cut patterns as well as sewing clothes. I hated it! I was scared of the sewing machine and I found the entire pattern drawing and cutting process extremely boring. The only reason I kept going that summer asides the fact that it was paid for, was that there were these 2 girls who came everyday and basically had fresh things to fight about, it was always so entertaining, so they were another motivation to keep going.

My foundation year, prior to getting into university, I spent it working part-time as a Sales adviser, and yes, I still hated it, I thought I might have outgrown it after my sale of my beads growing up, but I realised again that year that it was just not something I enjoyed or found fulfilment in, and that was totally okay.

My second year at University, I did a course called Computing Undergraduate Ambassador which had me going into a high school twice a week to teach year 9’s and 11’s Computing. I did really enjoy it! Interacting with the kids was fun and all, but it was only to an extent, I figured, it won’t be something I might want to do long term, I also figured that maybe I would prefer teaching older students rather than that age group.

My placement year, after second year at University, I worked as an Applications Analyst in a big organisation. It was very rewarding, but was it fulfilling? I think not. On that job I also explored quality testing, product managing and accounting roles and none of them supported the spark that I had within me, so while I did learn so much, I knew again, this was not it. This job also showed me that i’d rather work for a smaller company than a larger one. I loved how close knitted my team was. Not something you find in large organisations.

Along the line in all of this, my blogging, reading and counselling is something I do really enjoy. While it might not be the main dish of my career, i’m certain it will be a yummy side dish to always run to after the days work.

Now, i’m sure you’re thinking, why has she told us all this?

I want to draw your attention back to my first statement that ‘we never really know, until we try’. Having tried all of these things listed above, I know very well my capability with them. I have been able to identify the ones I loved, the ones I didn’t mind and the ones I out-rightly hated.

You know what this has done for my life? It has helped narrow down the options thrown at me. When I see an opportunity, I’m not just asking ‘can you do it?’, I’m also asking ‘would you enjoy this?’.

How hard it will be to answer that second question if I have no experience of it. They talk about exploring while you’re young. I’m an avid supporter of that statement because it goes a long way in focusing you on the one thing or things that will truly bring out the full ‘magic’ in you.

It has also made me very appreciative of people and their work, particularly for the things I have found to hate, I’m mesmerised at how another person does the thing with so much passion and adoration.

I don’t know what phase you are in right now in life, but keep exploring, keep learning and keep saying yesss. hate it, love it, be meh about it, just have an experience of it to know if you’d wanna do it again or not.

One of my entrepreneurial spirited aunts always sends me this verse;

Ecclesiastes 11 : 6

Sow your seed in the morning, and at evening let your hands not be idle,
for you do not know which will succeed, whether this or that, or whether both will do equally well.

Don’t be afraid to  try. The least that could happen is you learn, which really is not such a bad thing.

I’m personally currently in a phase of cooking. I’m exploring cooking techniques and recipes. I’m also exploring areas in technology, social justice and politics and soon, i’d have opinions of each based on my findings…

Feel free to let me know in the comment section, what you’re currently exploring. No matter what it is 🙂

jack woman

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