“I’m a Christian, why should this happen?”

I bet we’ve all been in that place where we started to question our stand in God and our belief in Him because we’re experiencing things that ‘Christians shouldn’t be experiencing’.

First off, is there really such a thing in life as ‘not for Christians?’

I know that coming to the realisation of our identity in Christ opens our eyes to some of the things that we get by grace, but that even depends largely on a persons understanding and conviction, but speaking objectively, being christian is not an exempt from being human, so while grace gives us an advantage, it does not eliminate us from the reality of the world.

I made a video on my birthday about 21 things I learnt in 21 years, you can click this link here to watch it. The first lesson from it was that ‘Bad things don’t happen to bad people’. If we interpret the occurrence of bad things as the absence of God, then we base our faith on works and not grace and the bible makes it so clear that we have been saved by grace and not works so no man should boast. Remember also that the beginning verses of Genesis say that there was darkness all around and the Spirit of God hovered. Darkness cannot overcome God, but a presence of darkness is not the absence of God because as we see, God called forth light from that same darkness.

Genesis 1:2 – Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.

As Christians, we all should aspire to get to a place where we hear and know God’s will for us clearly and pray declarative prayers in that will exactly, until we get there, we often get to places where we find ourselves praying things that God has not willed for us and when they don’t come, we begin to doubt our faith and sometimes, question God’s integrity.

We don’t earn or merit God’s best because we’re Christians. His best is for us because He loves us and are called His children. When we find ourselves in places where we feel the slightest entitled because we’re Christians, let’s take a step back, pray away pride and submit ourselves to the grace which Jesus so freely died to give us, while we were still sinners. Always remember that last part. That it is while we were still in sin that He decided to do what He did to redeem us.

This means that since He gave us freely, it is also maintained freely and not by what we decide to do or not do.

Here’s the beautiful part of the revelation of grace; When we fully grasp what was given for our sake, our desire becomes to please God in every way and not take advantage of the advantage that grace comes with.

Yes to standing up to our authority and privilege in Christ, but no to equating the bad occurrences of our life to the value and worth of Christ. We need to learn to not see God through the lens of the good and bad of life, so that we don’t find ourselves blaming Him when things don’t work our way. God is always, always good.


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