Moments of Truth – Man thief!

I’m not sure how I never got to sharing this story because I said I had to bring my readers this comic relief.  Alas! I’m here now and I won’t hold back.

About a year ago I received a call from an unknown number, I was in the train station on my way to a friends house when My phone rang. Typical me would not pick the call until I was settled, however, that day I was expecting a call from someone so I didn’t even hesitate to grab my phone from my bag in that busy environment and shout ‘Hello?’, because I knew a mild ‘Hello’ was not going to cut it for a London train station.

I heard a faint female voice ask ‘Who is this?’ and at this point, I was disappointed in myself for picking it seeing as it was not the call I was expecting and also disappointed at the person for starting a conversation asking ‘Who is this?’.

But I indulged the person and said ‘You’ve called Rubie’s line’. And she asked how I know a ‘Nicholas’ and frankly, I was getting a bit irritated here seeing the manner of approach this person had taken in communicating with me, plus my environment was not helping. I responded in the negative and said ‘sorry, wrong number’ and I cut the call.

The number called again, I ignored, it called about 3 more times, vibrating in my pocket so I was forced to pick, this time, very stern and making it obvious I was not pleased, I said ‘Hello!’. The woman at the other end of the line had now also left her faint voice and was now out-rightly shouting and she was saying ‘I know who you are, what are you doing with Nicholas?, do you know he has 2 kids?’

All my antennas went up at this point and my brain kinda identifies what is happening so I calm down and tell her politely that she has called the wrong number and I do not know any Nicholas. She’s now shouting at me telling me to stop lying cause my number was shown to have been dialled on his phone the night before and she wants to know who I am and what I was doing with with her Nicholas.

Obviously this was not going anywhere so I promise her that I’ll call her as soon as i’m home and we can talk, but she was convinced that I would drop the phone and block her number cause she was also convinced I was the culprit, so I went through the next minutes assuring her that I will not block her number.

As soon as I drop the phone she leaves me a message saying that she just wants to know what my relationship is with her children’s dad, to which I replied I will call her as soon as I got home. I got home about an hour after that message, through the hour, she kept messaging me just to make sure I had not blocked her and to my word, as soon as I got into my friends sitting room, before even taking my shoes off, I sat on the dining table and gave her a call.

We spoke the next 2 hours, I introduced myself properly, told her who I was and what I did and I assured her that I knew no Nicholas in my whole life. She was calm by this point, and thankfully she believed me, she said she saw my number on her partners phone and that they had recently been having issues so she was convinced he had been having affairs. I could not convince her otherwise because I did not know but what I knew was that I was not the affair, and how my number was what she copied from his phone, I also could not understand.

We also agreed to meet up for coffee the following week and she really bore her soul and for the first time in my life, I saw what infidelity could do to a person. She had become so paranoid of any and every female around her husband, she had started to monitor his movements and his phone calls and she had stopped living basically, just doing everything she could to prove he was not faithful.

We became friends and I got her to join the FOCH woman community.

My posts are never without lessons, so what am I driving at here?;

The most obvious thing is faithfulness, to the people we profess to love, especially in marital relationships. God really honours covenants and the marriage institution is one He holds in very high regard seeing as He even uses Himself and the church to describe what a marriage relationship should look like.

Secondly, patience, I’m surprised at myself at how calm I was through this entire ordeal cause at some point, she became very verbally abusive, but I somehow felt led to calm her down and speak to her in a manner that she was not  speaking to me in, and by that we were able to arrive at a conclusion with everyone happy.

On a side note, it hasn’t gone too well for every Nicholas I’ve met after that incident cause i’m subconsciously always wondering if it’s the Nicholas that almost had be in so much trouble.


2 thoughts on “Moments of Truth – Man thief!

  1. renewyourview says:

    😂 great read! And then the picture at the end! 😂 your poise and calmness were truly exemplary. It had me convicted honestly. How many times have I reacted based on another person’s attitude? And your piece on the effects of unfaithfulness made me think about my own faithfulness to God and His never changing faithfulness to ME!
    Amazing story and great lesson 👏

    Liked by 1 person

    • Fochwoman says:


      Thanks sister! and lol, that calmness could not have been my doing, I am certain it was the Holy Spirit reaching out to me and teaching me self control and i’m glad looking back that I listened.

      And OMG, I did not even highlight the faithfulness to God part in the blogpost, but you’re absolutely right, we’re God’s bride and when we idolise anything, we are equally compromising our relationship with our Maker. This should be a daily reminder for us all, especially seeing our Heavenly Father’s unmoving faithfulness to us as you rightly pointed out.

      Thanks a bunch for engaging with the posts xx
      Looking forward to reading more from you.


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