#WritingChallenge – A letter to Your Future Spouse

#Day3 Beautiful people, today we’re writing our letters to Our Future Spouse. Yesterday’s letters were so vulnerable and honest and I loved that so much, today is a lot lighter because we’re suppose to be writing to the one we love, or the ones we will love! I’m looking forward to everyone’s letter *side grin & wink* lol!

Dear Spouse (co-labourer..lol);

Writing one letter to you that the world is seeing is a bit tricky, cause i’m trying to mentally gauge how much I can let out, because to be honest, one letter would not do it, but because I pledged to being honest and transparent through this challenge, i’ll go for it.

First off, thanks for listening to God and choosing me. It could have been anyone else, but you obeyed God and resolved within yourself that it is with Rubie you will commit to forever. I don’t know if there is anything more capable of causing butterflies in a girls tummy like knowing she was chosen.

I have a journal titled ‘Dear Husband’, I’ve kept it for 3 years now, so all you’ll really need to know are in there, i’m rest assured it’ll make you laugh, cry some days and some days, you’ll demand to know who I’ve written about in there, but it wouldn’t matter anymore cause it is you and I.

Writing has been my escape for as long as I can remember so you might find that I express myself best through that means.

God gave me a short vision of an egg one day on my way to school about 3 years ago, He showed me an egg and He told me I was that egg, I told Him that eggs can’t get into the hands of just anyone just because of how fragile they are and He agreed with me, He reminded me even that He made eggs and knows their nature lool!

I said to him “I know you’re not going to give me to anyone that’ll crush me” and He said “you’re right, i’ll deliver you to another precious egg of mine” and I was like “but that’ll be one fragile relationship, who’s gonna be the defender of the eggs?” and He said “ME, just as I’ve always been“.

I realise how cheesy this dialogue was, but I’ve carried it in my heart through the years and it’s even endeared eggs so much to me to the point where I had to write a post on ‘Are eggs scared of getting crsuhed?‘ lool

Most days, I have a moment on reflecting on the relationship between Jesus and the church and I remember that marriage is suppose to be a replica and I get excited! why?Because I get to be God’s bride here on earth, but to one of His sons, I count it as such a privilege, even as I count it a privilege to know and serve God. When I then remember the way Jesus loves the church, its almost like I should just start rolling on the ground because that is how God has equipped you to love His bride!

My heart bleeds looking at the play out of most marriages in the world today, cause you’re thinking if really we bring ourselves to understanding the relationship between Jesus and His church before we think of marriage.

Which is why knowledge will always be the anchor of our union. Knowledge of God, because you cannot imitate something that you do not even know.

I trust you’re already investing in a snoring pillow, advising your family that there is no big wedding, learning to eat once a day and also preparing your fingers, for the numerous books we’ll write together.

Thanks for submitting to God, thanks for allowing God make you in every wise, into His image, thanks for the journey in advance, I’ve declared already that it is beautiful indeed!

Our marriage will be a consistent testimony and witness of God to the world, His glory will always come before our pleasure and His kingdom will be established on this earth through our hands.

Let’s keep resting in God, being fruitful and adding 1’s to the 99 shall we? xxx


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