Consuming power in the little things

I was recently conversing with a friend and he shared with me where he was when Gods grace came and caught him. He also said something that resonated strongly with me before I was saved and it was only because we had a skewed view of grace at that time, He said “he didn’t think he was bad enough to be saved”, this might be strange to most people because we usually hear that people think they have fallen too far to be saved, but even on the flip side, some people didn’t think they were bad enough to be saved.

Sometimes you hear peoples testimonies of God’s saving grace to them and you somehow think you haven’t attained or received that level of grace because you have not been at ‘that level’ that the person was. I call it a skewed view of grace, to assume that there are levels to God’s grace and that the measure you receive can be less than or greater than the measure another person received, irregardless of the sins that led to the need of grace.

Grace, like love is not like a loaf of bread that diminishes each time it is given, some people aren’t given bigger portions than the others, its a special kind of loaf, that with each piece given, it is whole and brand new and the size or measure doesn’t matter because it is made up of the same ingredients; Jesus death, burial, resurrection and ascension. We laughed at ourselves knowing we once entertained such thoughts and he carried on to his point of saving grace.

God had met him at a place of hatred, at that point in his life, hate had consumed him, and while it is not some addiction, a  case of murder or sexual immorality, it was just as bad. It was funny because he identified the root of his hatred, but he said something that caught my attention and the Holy Spirit said to me that more people need to hear that. He said “because you cannot control hate, it consumes everything”.

I listened to his story and I observed how hate from one source spread out to other areas of His life that He actually had love for, I realised that it is not just him, I hear people who allow hate consume them to the point where it is the only thing they dish out to everyone, half the time, they are not even aware of how much it has consumed them till it gets to breaking point.

The little things that we don’t think much about are the big things that grow and cause so much damage in life if we don’t confront them early on. Hate, bitterness, jealousy, pain, greed and lack of contentment are those ‘little’ things that believers struggle with and most times, just ignore. We forget that these things possess the ability to consume any and everything it comes across.

God’s calling us to confront all the things in our lives that do not glorify Him, no matter how small or inconsequential it seems now.


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