The similarity in the difference

I was out with my older sister a couple of days ago, we were meeting up with friends to talk God, faith and life over tea and coffee, I had to reach the venue earlier than everyone cause I had co-planned it with a couple of other people so I asked that we meet a little earlier before everyone else began to arrive. So I left the house without my sister and the plan was that she would meet me there.

After the pre-meeting with the planners, the programme was about to start and so the last of the guests were arriving. My sister walked in as well and goes round to say hello to everyone as most people did when they arrived, she got to a person she’d never met before and he shook her and talked with her for a while and after, she was walking away from Him and he goes “Wait, are you Rubies sister?” and she goes, “no, why?” and He goes “You have the same mannerisms and there’s just something about you two that’s very similar“, so at that point, I cut in and I ask “do we look alike?” and He said it had nothing to do with the looks, it was the mannerism, aura and behaviour.

After much banter and confusing everyone, we admitted we were sisters and I understood it was strange to people that we were because we don’t look alike at all, most people identify us as siblings because they feel we speak alike.

The following morning when I woke up, right before my devotion, the Holy spirit said to me; “you appear to have very similar mannerisms because you’ve spent all your life together”, He said “without even knowing it, you people behave alike and speak alike” and I had a flash of the entire conversation and I smiled to myself thinking that was all He was going to say and He continued and said, it is same with God, the more time we spend with Him, the more people recognise Him in us.

A lot of times, we are not even aware of how much we begin to resemble someone when we spend time with them in character and behaviour, it happens without us being conscious of it, but is obvious to everyone else, it is how the bible says that “By their fruits, you shall know them”. You can usually tell what kind a tree is when you see its fruits, some intelligent people who’ve studied plants might be able to tell from observing the leaves but for the majority of people, you see the fruits and you know immediately what plant it is.

The Holy Spirit was teaching me that the same way people can tell immediately that my sister is my sister is the same way people should see and observe me and know straight away that Jesus is my Father and I am His child.

It is not the easiest thing in these present times to identify the wheat in the midst of the weed, Christians have become so conformed to the world that people can’t tell the difference anymore, it wasn’t suppose to be like that, the same way the first ever Christians were called Christians just by observing them, is how it should be always. A lot of times, we convince ourselves that “God sees my heart” and that is very accurate, but how about the people around you who are limited to the physical and need to observe your life to see Jesus? Would you deprive them from salvation because God sees your heart?

Our identity doesn’t stay internal, it is a lifestyle that becomes obvious in our daily activities that everyone can see.

How much of Jesus do people recognise in you when they meet you?



2 thoughts on “The similarity in the difference

  1. Amikah✨ says:

    You guys are playing this ‘she’s not my sister’ game even in NG lol.

    I agree with the post especially the statement made, ‘it is same with God, the more time we spend with Him, the more people recognise Him in us.’ Two weeks ago someone asked me about my faith, she said, I know you are a Christian how did you come to faith? Weirdly, we are not familiar with each other or have similar friends. Even my oldest friends said they observe the change in my mannerism, how can they if we only communicate over whats app and different time zones? I think it made me realise when God’s light shines, it shines brighter than any star in the sky.

    The reflective question you made at the end of the blog, ‘how much of Jesus do people recognise in you when they meet you?’,is an aim of mine. I want to be so conscious in God that more people identify that I am a child of God, through thick and thin.

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    • Fochwoman says:

      OMG, yes girlll, I mean, I didn’t realise you’re this wise but bruhhh, this is beautiful, reminds me of the time of Moses, the bible said that after Moses came down from the mountain after being with God, that His face was shining like that of an angel, that people couldn’t look at his face because of how bright it was. When we meet with God, spiritually and physically, people can tell.

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