Know who’s in front of your line

One of my favorite worship songs says “You’re my treasure, my priority, who can compare to You, Great is the measure of Your royalty, Oh morning star, You truly are everything”

I don’t like to sing it in public, cause I don’t want people to think that something is wrong with me when nothing is wrong because of the way I cry as the words come out of my heart.

The entire song is amazing and I can easily tell that the author was in a certain place with God when this song was birth, David called it ‘The secret place’, because it is only in this place that you can see God in this manner. “My priority” is my favorite adjective used. Describing God as your priority is honestly another level.

I find myself in prayer sometimes when I come to pray telling God that “I’ve come with a lot, but honestly, none of them are compared to my priority which is You”. A peace settles over me at that moment and sometimes I carry on with making my petitions and other times, I leave the petitions and just praise in prayer.

There is a kind of battle you always win when you have this mindset as default, because usually, when issues arise in our lives, without even knowing it, they become priority, so at the slightest moments of prayer, the only thing we mention to God is that one thing that has become priority on our heart, but when God is an undefeated priority to us, even when the issues arise, they know already to line up behind our one priority and so even when we enter to pray, we’re telling our priority to ‘look over His back to things He is capable of sorting out in the blink of an eye

Here is what it does for me, it makes my prayer genuine, I am not praying just because of my issues, i’m praying because i’m aware that Someone even bigger than my issue is number one in my heart, it also helps that my prayers are not coming hurriedly and with impatience, but from a settled place of ‘I know already who sits enthroned over it all’.

I learnt early in my faith that distractions could also come in disguise as needs and it is something we must be conscious of, that we don’t ignore the heart of the Father to chase after the needs of our lives. I always evaluate my issues and I go back and tell God that none of them is as important as sharing the gospel, staying on the straight and narrow path or the eternal glory to be revealed.

When we remember how temporary this life is, it puts all things in perspective, helps us see how really small that mountain before us appears to be.

At every moment of our lives, there’s always that number 1, particularly in our hearts. We must wake up every day and say to God that ‘here’s your place God, today again, you’re number 1 in this heart, despite it all‘.

Matthew 6:33 – But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.

Top Priority

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