daddy and me

I have been living in a strange state the last couple of days. I moved away from home again for school, this time, without my sister and a lot of close friends I’ve had with me the last 4-5 years. At first, I was certain I could brave it, but a couple of days into settling in, I lay on my bed one day and said to God that it is really just ‘us’ now. Don’t get me wrong, I do have other friends around that I absolutely love, but walking into this year as a whole, I had a knowing that God was shifting and changing a lot in and with me and this was probably the start.

I’ve been fighting the urge to be on social media often as a result of the situation above, rather than always speaking to my friends around the world, I think God has made it so, so that I have even more time to spend with Him. It has been an ongoing battle and I thank God for the won battles on most days and the sour lessons on other days.

When God does not see an avenue to teach us things He needs us to learn, I noticed that He now uses circumstances and situations. For most people, they learn even more about God by the circumstances they go through. When we look at the bible too, we often find that people have a revelation of God based on how He introduced Himself to them in their circumstance. Hagar called God ‘The God who sees me‘ when she had run away with her infant son and thought she was alone out in the wilderness. Abraham called God ‘The God who provides‘ after God provides a ram in the middle of sacrificing His son Isaac. I also named Him through one of life’s situations ‘The God who bears my painhere. These are only a few examples of how God has revealed Himself to His people through the situations they face.

I am convinced that God makes the most of everything we go through in life, what we usually have to do is seek deeper to see and understand it from His perspective.

For me, Jesus has always been my friend, the Holy Spirit, my best friend. But recently, I think there is more I am being called into in revelation of a new level of friendship. I’m encouraging myself and you through this post to look for God through all of lives occurrences. You’ll always find Him there, and like a Father takes the hand of His child and guides Him to liberty, that’s how God will take our hands and walk us into His plans for our lives.

2 thoughts on “YOU & GOD

    • Fochwoman says:

      I relate to this comment on a whole new level! Thanks for sharing Tobi and God’s got us. Our hands are in His and He takes us and walks us through everything He has planned for us. And ou! Happy Valentines xx

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