Superior Knowledge

A woman kneeling to pray during a heavy rain storm.

I was listening to a message by Apostle Selman earlier today and He made a statement, He said ‘when you get information from conviction, you die there‘. Africans might grasp fully what he means by the ‘you die there’ part, but the entire phrase has lingered in my heart all evening and i’m seeing more in it.

A couple of weeks ago now, I had a situation that needed dire intervention from top officials, everyone who knew what was going on around me was in panic mode, but I wasn’t.

The truth is I was not in panic mode because the week before this issue arose, I had a dream and in that dream, God had shown me the end of the matter, it was one of those dreams that came straight from the throne room because I woke up and it was as real as ever while the Holy Spirit was still speaking to me about it. So while people around me panicked, I had a peace inside that didn’t allow me panic cause I knew exactly how it was going to end from my dream.

Now, this particular conviction came through a dream, it might come through other means, like God’s word, through the word of God’s servant, through a revelation or encounter, or really any way God chooses to send a man conviction. I realised that if I had not had that dream, I would have been in the same state as everyone, panicking, however, the conviction that came from my dream would not allow me panic.

No matter how dire the situation got, in my heart, all I knew was ‘we die here’.

We die here‘, is a slang that basically means, no matter how bad a situation gets, we stay there till the end, no matter what the end looks like.

When information comes through conviction from God, this is always a person’s state of mind because you have a ‘superior knowledge‘ of the outcome or result of whatever it is you’re faced with.

I think God always wants us at this place in our lives, where were so in tune with Him that we have conviction over situations happening in our lives, when there’s conviction from God, we remain unshakeable, like me in the situation above, we’ll be at peace while everyone else panics. I can’t lie, it is such a great place to be.

I remember when the end of the situation came and everyone was breathing sighs of relief, I was just in thanksgiving and praise mode cause I had already known the end from the beginning.

The statement from the message reminded me of that situation and that feeling and I don’t think it comes randomly, I’m convinced that convictions are formed and revealed in the secret place, so I wanna live there, where my outlook to everything in life is fuelled by conviction from God.

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