Looking the other way

I think that as time goes on, and we grow more in God, one of the big things we learn to do is to separate God from life’s occurrences. We learn not to see or judge the person of God because of something that happened.

I meet people daily who don’t serve or worship God for something that happened in their lives. A former colleague of mine told me that she ‘dropped the God thing after her grandma, who worked in church died to cancer‘. She said it didn’t make sense to her and so she part ways with God.

In her head, she felt, if my grandma who worked for God could still die from cancer, how much more me who does not work for God. So she decided it was better to wing it. Have no allegiance to God and so far, she says it has worked for her.

I personally had similar questions when my dad suffered a stroke in 2016, at first I was asking God ‘don’t you love him?’, then it became ‘don’t you love me?’, I was convinced that a God who loved me and my dad could never let that happen, but this was my human perspective, looking at it only from how it affected and impacted me negatively, forgetting that “As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts” (Isaiah 55:9).

Some of us have not come to terms with the fact that we live and operate in a fallen world. The world became corrupted after sin entered it, even Jesus death did not rid the world of the  evil that it is, Jesus death and resurrection only made a pathway to unite us back to our Father, we were no longer alienated from God, the death of Jesus united us back as child and father and so we live and walk in this reality, in spite of the effect of this fallen world.

Why does God speak to us about a new heaven and new earth? why does His word tell us that He has a place prepared for us where He will return and carry us to? why are we admonished to fix our gaze on things above and not on the things of this earth?

It is because the earth is not a perfect reflection of the home that God has prepared for us, and until the end of the world, when the trumpet has been blown and the saints are united with the Father, we will continue to be impacted only physically by the effects of this fallen world because our souls and spirits remain untouched.

The catch is NEVER to see God through the lens of what happened or didn’t happen. God is who He is in spite of what you think He should have done and it is something that you must constantly remind yourself about.

These days, when things happen that hurt or make me grieve, I go back to God and the first thing out of my mouth is ‘I thank you because you’re a good God, in spite of …’ Knowing that God is good is a state of mind that we must engrave somewhere in our hearts, so that the devil never comes to deceive us into seeing God through one of lives sour occurrences.

It is okay to be mad at God, i’m convinced that God is not angry when His children are angry with Him, He just expects that we take a step further and come and look at it how He looks at it and not judge Him through our pain. Until you drop the bitterness, hurt, anger and blame game, it will be hard to ever see it in another perspective other than the way you see it.


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