Winning lovers

Following up from the last post, Failed love, I promised I would write a post opposite of that, which is “10 reasons why your relationship will win”.

The things listed below are all things that we should commit to heart and always remember so we can have a flourishing relationship. God desires above all things that we proper, body, soul and spirit. The Holy Spirit influences every part of our lives to reflect God, so don’t keep Him out of your relationship.

Here’s 10 reasons why your relationship will win.

1. You both understand that God is love and love cannot fail. There’s power that is released when both parties know exactly what love is as described by God Himself

2. There’s 3 of you in the relationship, you 2 and the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit inspires us to love like Christ. Leave him out and we’re all left at the mercy of the height of human love which cannot be compared to the love of God

3. There’s less “me” and more “us”. Selfish people cannot move from me to us, both parties need to learn to be selfless to fully grasp winning love

4. There’s openness and vulnerability, not a constant sense of fear of what the other person think or say if they know this. The bible says that Adam and Eve were before themselves naked and they were unashamed. The naked in that verse didn’t only mean physically. It meant they were open and honest with themselves

5. There’s healthy communication that caters for every parties needs. No one is doing too much and no is feeling like the other is not doing enough. The love between both parties inspires work in the relationship

6. There is an end goal that is known to both parties. Relationships without a distinct view of the end usually end up in hot tears. Constant communication around what you’re both doing and if it is ending in eternal union, Atleast on earth

7. There is an alignment in values and principles, you’re not always arguing about what to do on date nights, one person wants to club, the other wants a cute dinner some place fancy. Winning relationships have aligned values that guide you both

8. There is safe room for mistakes to be made and lessons to be learnt. Relationships aren’t for perfect people, but for those who can love without condition and correct in same love

9. There is constant reaffirmation of love, trust, commitment and loyalty. Winning relationships are forever in the first stage of dating even after marriage, never getting tired or used to the shine of the other person, always being in awe of their wonder

10. There is Purity that empowers the love between both parties. The 2 people involved respect each other’s bodies and souls by committing to pure love which involves intimacy without sin

These are indications and reasons why a relationship will stay winning. None of this however is as important as being Spirit-led, even in the decision of who to have as a partner.

A man and His wife should be a reflection of Jesus and the church. At every point, you should be looking for Jesus and the church in you and your partner. It’s the only sure, guaranteed way!

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