Heaven sounds stressful

I stumbled on a page a few weeks ago on Instagram, I really love aesthetically pleasing feeds and this person’s arrangement happened to catch my attention. Her first post fortunately was on 20 facts about  her, so I busied myself  reading 20 facts about this stranger who curated such a beautiful feed.

I  am quite a fast reader so I read somethings before I  get to them, lol.  I know it sounds weird but it happens quite often, I can read the next 2-3 sentences in a page before my brain actually gets to settle on them squarely, I think it is a peripheral ability that I have developed over time with how often I read.

So while reading her number 7 fact, my eyes had seen and read 8,9,10 and 11 already. I think it was number 10 that caught my attention, it read “I don’t know about you but heaven sounds stressful to me, like won’t we be tired? worshipping every single minute of the day

My mind did a quick ‘wowww‘ spin, but I finished reading through, liked it even and then closed off to get back to the research work I was doing. A week+ later, my mind was still glancing back to the picture and the words and I wondered why, so I started meditating on it without even realising and the Holy Spirit said something to me, He said “I love that kind of boldness“. I know this sounds weird, and I’ll explain it further.

You see, the kingdom of God is for the ‘childlike‘ (Matthew 18:3), note that it is childlike, not childish, there is a difference.

Have you ever observed the fearlessness and boldness of Children?

I once overheard a 4-year-old telling an adult that “I will report you to my daddy and He will come and beat you“, She saw the size of this adult, noted what the adult had done and gauged her dad to the adult and informed this adult boldly that ‘even if I cannot beat you, my daddy will do it for me’. This is the innocent boldness that most children have. They are never fearful to inform their parents of their true feelings,  particularly if they have grown in a home that allows them to freely express themselves. They boldly admit how they feel and it is from there that parents start training them on what thoughts need to come out in public and which ones need to stay inside till we get home.

This lady on IG had hacked a dimension of ‘childlikeness’. I don’t know what level of faith she is on, I do not know also what her thought process was before writing that fact about herself, but I know that if she could even think of heaven and know that there is a chance of eternity there, she might have a reasonable knowledge of God.

This might be me assuming but it still supports the point the Holy Spirit was helping me understand either way.

This girl helped me to sit and ask myself if there are certain fears I have of God and heaven that I have been too scared or shy to voice out. A lot of people are in same boat, we’re thinking ‘let me not say or think this thing before I blaspheme‘, but the Holy Spirit was teaching me that reverence and fear of God should not paralyse us to the point of not expressing certain feelings to Him.

God is God, He can handle all of us and the best part is that He sees our hearts, while humans may not understand, God does because He sees the motives and intentions behind the words. Some people might have read that and written her off like “and this one wants to enter heaven?“, but the God who sees her heart knows where it has come from.

I am not in anyway normalising what she has said because for me, nothing excites me more than the thought of knowing I will be worshipping God for eternity without a break. I also have seen in God’s word that there will be no pain or weeping in heaven, and being tired is classified under pain for me, so it could be also that she may not have a balanced view of what exactly heaven will be like, and that is fine because we’re all growing and learning through this process and neither of us really ‘get there’. The only ‘there’ even is when we appear before God and we hear ‘Well done good and faithful servant, enter into your rest‘, until then, let us keep running this race.

Just a side note to anyone who harbours thoughts such as this about God or heaven, I want you to know that you are not sinning, sometimes our minds haven’t been renewed to the point of grasping these things and God does not hold us for it because He knows it is a process too, so please voice it out to Him and allow Him show you truly who He is and what eternity with Him will look like!

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9 thoughts on “Heaven sounds stressful

  1. Oyinkansola Odunlami says:

    Nicely said, Rubie.

    Sometimes, I actually get curious about what eternity would be like. But I’ve not taken time to read and find out so much about it.
    There’s a lot to unravel. Then I imagine there are other things to learn about first.
    I guess that’s the beauty of growing – to keep learning. And trust God’s ability to teach us at the right pace.

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  2. tgifmasterminds says:

    I’m so glad I read through your blog this morning, Fochwoman. i pray that you were able to forward your response to the person who wrote the Instagram message in the first place. Don’t forget ‘boring’ is a negative emotion and as you know, there is no negativity atmosphere in Heaven. Only bliss! So your protagonist can dismiss her negative concerns about eternity. Let’s continue to pray that the Holy Spirit will guide that person to a deeper understanding of the Character of God and the abode that Christ Jesus has gone to prepare for us.

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  3. ijeoma says:

    The truth of the matter is that inthis world where we live and in this mortal bodies we still occupy, its so hard for us to comprehend of our human understanding how heaven will be like and how our bodies will be when we eventually get transformed into spiritual bodies(1st cor 15:44) vs 40 of this same 1st cor 15 says ‘The glory of the heavenly bodies is different from the glory of the earthly bodies’. In this human body we live in now what we see as fun won’t be the same as what we’ll see as fun when we eventually get transformed into our spiritual(heavenly) bodies. We become totally new. I watched a funny video of some high school guys talking about why they need to enjoy beef rolls now that they are still on earth because in heaven when they look for beef rolls they won’t find it😂😂 and I thought to myself do they really think they’ll crave beef rolls in heaven? Of course not!! Everything changes. Up there in heaven whatsoever we do will be totally fun for us. Pure bliss. No sorrows, no boredom, no lack. So even if the idea of worshipping God 24/7 might sound rather boring to our human bodies, for our spiritual bodies it won’t. Whatsoever we do up there will be considered as fun for us. Its really hard to comprehend I know. But I like to rest in the fact that no matter how hard I try to wrap my human mind around it, I still won’t be able to because I’m still in my mortal body! So let’s live in the suspense till we get there. Just trust it’ll be absolute fun for us!😄😄

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    • Fochwoman says:

      Had so much fun reading this Ijeoma! Thank you so much for sharing ❤️! I agree with you on a lot of the points made and like you said, I’m more excited in the suspense than even worried or afraid because I know that in all, it will be a beautiful and satisfying place to be!
      God’ll continue to unravel this for us to see and understand and just help us trust that joy will be all we will feel when we get home!😁

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  4. Oluwatobi Ogunfusika says:

    I saw this person’s post as well and the first thing that got me was that she was bold enough to voice out her thoughts and feelings about heaven, something most Christians struggle with. We just go along with the flow without really speaking up about how we feel because we don’t want to be seen as unholy. All that Christ wants is for us to come to him in childlike wonder every time and seat at his feet. Thanks for sharing.

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    • Fochwoman says:

      OMG yesss! Same, it was the boldness that struck me and even inspired me and I’m convinced God wants us in same place! Where we’re so open and vulnerable with God on how we really feel.

      Thank you for engaging Tobi ❤️


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