Divine reminders

About 2 months ago now, someone left me a message on Twitter, it was a long message and as I read, I already began to hear the Holy Spirit tell me to take it seriously. It was just half of the story written there and the person was to send a vn detailing the rest of it.

The person finally did send the vn but I never saw it and soon forgot about it completely. About a month and 2 weeks later, I wake up and the first thing the Holy Spirit is saying in my heart is “someone left you a vn a month ago”, I wasn’t even sure I was hearing right but in a matter of moments my memory reached for the conversation I had with the person a month ago and indeed, it was the same person who had left me a vn that I never got to listening and replying.

As soon as I was done praying I text them and apologised for the tardy response and also for appearing like I ignored because I had honestly forgotten and the person said something that threw me off guard, he said “I have prayed daily for God to remind you to listen to that vn, I’m just so glad to see He answered”. I had to confirm his prayer by telling him clearly that it was the Holy Spirit that even reminded me that morning.

It got me thinking how much God really loves to hear and answer His children, even though it might appear to take a while sometimes, God is still listening and working it all out for our good. I figured in listening to the vn, why God led me back there and I wondered if He had been trying to remind me all along and I wasn’t quiet enough or if it was divinely orchestrated that I got to it when I did.

In all, I was just comforted and encouraged being reminded of the God that we serve, not one who’s ears are closed to the prayer and requests of His children but one who waits in eagerness to hear the voice of His children.

Be encouraged today, God has heard, He hears and He will hear. It might take some time but you just need to trust and stay persistent in that place of prayer.

His word tells us that if we call to Him, He will hear and answer us. Dont stop calling.

5 thoughts on “Divine reminders

  1. Odunowo Olufunmilayo says:

    I just got the notification today but it says you posted it on the 26th of July. Thank you for the reminder that God answers persistent prayers ❤️

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    • Fochwoman says:

      You’re welcome Funmi❤️, and haha, that happens often actually, I start writing but don’t publish till when I get a release from the Holy Spirit. This was the case with this post, started writing but never finished cause I was still struggling a bit to fully get the words out the way it was on my heart. Once it came out, I published x apologies for the confusion


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