Watch and pray the fridge

I opened the fridge to drop a couple of things in it yesterday. There were just 4 items so it should have taken me a lot less time to drop them than I actually spent standing in front of that fridge.

After I placed all the items in the fridge I attempted closing it the first time and it would not close properly, my first assumption was the bottles, so I adjusted them and tried closing again, it still did not close, I did a whole rearrangement for the 2 fridge shelves that could potentially be barriers and I tried to close it and again, met with the same issue.

I stood in front of the fridge for another 3-4 minutess evaluating what could be the problem and honestly I could not identify what was stopping the fridge from closing properly. I decided to keep a close watch the next time I attempted closing the fridge so that as soon as soon as the fridge cover hit the barrier, I would see what it was. Even this did not work guys, cause I didn’t see anything. I was getting frustrated and then I had an inkling in my heart to remove all I had just added and put them in one after the other attempting to close the fridge each time I placed one thing. It seemed so long and tedious to me but honestly I was now desperate to have that fridge close and walk away, so I did exactly that.

As God will have it (teaching me patience yet again), the first three items had the fridge close effortlessly, so the last item which was a little jug of milk had to be the issue, so I placed it in as I had done before and attempted closing it and indeed, It was the jug, I figured the jug was longer than the space I had given it and so the top of the jug was hitting the top part of the fridge each time I attempted closing it.

You cannot imagine the relief I now had knowing the issue, so immediately I repositioned the jug and walked away. Who knew that closing the fridge would be such a task, phew!

Later in the night while I was having my dinner,  the Holy Spirit reminded me of my troubled morning with that fridge and I knew straight away that there was a message there, asides the need to teach me patience which God seeks to do all the time, God was also saying that we must watch and pray with our lives as deliberately as I did with the items in the fridge. When we identify issues, whether personally, relationally, mentally or otherwise, the first instinct might be to move things around without an understanding of what exactly might be the problem and what we don’t understand is that we waste more time when we do trial and error than if we quiet down enough to listen to the Holy Spirit. He will often show us exactly what the issue might be thus saving us time and energy.

It is also important that we are divinely led to identify issues if not, like me, it could be what you least expect. My first thought was that it was definitely the bottles causing the issue but despite moving the bottles around severally, nothing changed, all along it was the milk jug which sat there unmoved because my intuition could not imagine that it was the issue.

We often have unconscious biases with things and people in our lives where we never imagine that those things could be an issue. The Holy Spirit and the word of God dissects through to those things and is able to open our eyes to see through the eyes of God and not just our mental eyes because spiritual things are spiritually discerned and not mentally discerned.

Finally, don’t rush things, processes and seasons in life, I really just wanted to pop those things in and go, but doing it one at a time helped me arrange the items better and also identify the issue. There is no need to rush, let’s move in step with the Holy Spirit.

Always, our mind should be set on watching and praying on anything at all.

Black Woman Awake For Heat Wave Sleeping in Fridge

2 thoughts on “Watch and pray the fridge

  1. davidsdailydose says:

    This is so true! Life often feels like trying to keep a bunch of plates spinning. I’m so busy running from plate to plate I don’t have time to think about what I’m doing. Maybe some of the things I’m worried over aren’t even necessary!

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    • Fochwoman says:

      I totally relate to this David! And this is exactly what God is trying to save us from, His grace remains sufficient and indeed there’s no need to worry!

      Thanks for reading and engaging xx

      Liked by 1 person

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