Him & Her

I recently was invited to speak to a group of young women on Eros relationships and I had such an amazing time, I wanted to time stamp the notes I made for the event and also give more people access to this information hence why I have decided to make it a blogpost. Eros relationships … Continue reading Him & Her

Always seen

My commute to work in the last couple of weeks has been very interesting. I have insisted on walking rather than taking the bus because asides the extra time for meditation while I walk, I also often walk past a school which always gives me something to chuckle about through the entire day. If it … Continue reading Always seen

Name = Nature

Something really funny happened in high school a few years ago. One of the hostel mistresses had done something really uncalled for and she would not let me explain so I snapped at her and I told her that if she would not listen to me, I will also not listen to her (I do … Continue reading Name = Nature