We won’t stop calling

I remember disturbing my Mum a lot when I was younger, some days I would go close to her and say “Mum” countless times and when she answers, I’ll just smile at her and run away lol

I did it so often that some days she would ignore me when I called. When I wanted to be silly, when she answered, I’d say “but your name isn’t mum, it’s Margaret”.

A few days ago, I was reading something in my devotional that said “God never gets tired of hearing His children call Him”. The topic for that day was sustainer. I spent the rest of the day meditating on the word ‘sustainer’ and according to the dictionary, it is ‘someone who upholds or maintains’.

Anything that needs sustenance cannot do without its sustainer, if not, it crumbles and falls in the case of an object or it dies in the case of a person. God actually created us to be sustained by Him. We were made to desire His work in us, we were made to crave His presence and His will. The sustainer is almost always needed by the sustainee because without the sustainer, the sustainee faces harsh conditions that could terminate it.

It occurred to me that contrary to my mum who gets tired of hearing me say Mum, God is actually always waiting to hear His sustained call Him. It is pleasing to Him that He is needed to sustain us.

One of the rhema that comes from the encounter that Jacob had with the angel where the angel touched his hip and he limped the rest of his life, is the understanding that from that day on, Jacob became fully dependent on God, God had shifted something in His body that left Him permanently dependent on Him. Jacob couldn’t rely on his craftiness and deceitfulness anymore. He was now always needing support from his one true sustainer.

We might have that part of our lives that has left us limping. It may not be physical like Jacob, it could be in other areas. That limping is a constant reminder that we’re in need of our sustainer. it is often sad that our limping leads us further away from God rather than closer to Him, but we learn from Jacob that it is only when we’ve become fully dependent on our sustainer that we receive a change, first of name and then of circumstance.

The one who sustains us sees and knows all and so we must insist on our true nature, which is to be daily sustained by Him.

Don’t ever let your mind deceive you into thinking “I’m asking too much”, “I’m talking too much”, or “I’m disturbing God”. God is glorified each time we desire His presence and move in our lives.

We’re so blessed to be sustained by God, The One in whom nothing is missing, lacking or broken.

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