More attentive

I am definitely of the opinion that if we paid attention more and listened more intently, we will see the diverse ways God is moving and working amongst us, almost per second. Whether in the person sitting beside us, in nature or simply in the human ability to just be.

During my quiet time this morning I told God that I wanted to tell someone about Him today. I specifically told Him to send someone my way so I can tell them about God.

It came first as a Twitter dm. A young lady reached out and all she wanted to know was “how do I get an intimate relationship with God”. I didn’t even recognise it as an answer to my prayer. I responded and carried on my day.

I was meeting up with friends for lunch and turns out that one of them is a YouTuber. She had intended to vlog the day for her YouTube channel and while we ate, our friend asked me to say any proverb, wise saying or just words of wisdom and I heard clearly in my Spirit. “This is the chance to tell them about me”.

God wasn’t even referring to my friends there cause they’re already christians. He meant for anyone else who would watch the vlog and also for those who were in proximity to our table.

I simply said Your relationship with God is not worth compared to anything. And Jesus is the “plug”. It was so brief and short but I felt really happy.

Happier even when I got home and the Spirit of God brought it to mind. I realised that God is actually eager to hear His children, even more when we pray and ask things that are on His own heart. I had the opportunity to share the gospel as I requested to one person over twitter and who knows how many more over my friends YouTube channel.

It might seem so mundane but I’m just in awe that sometimes I might miss answers to my prayers because I’m not even attentive enough.

I’m being more intentional about my God-consciousness through the day. Listening out for Him as often as I remember because indeed, His Spirit is speaking expressly.

Maybe have a day experiment like me. Ask God and be attentive through the day for His answer. Be careful that you’re not only attentive to the way you think it will come. God brings answers in diverse ways, which is why we must stay flexible and just open.

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