Always seen

My commute to work in the last couple of weeks has been very interesting. I have insisted on walking rather than taking the bus because asides the extra time for meditation while I walk, I also often walk past a school which always gives me something to chuckle about through the entire day. If it isn’t a child refusing to come out of the car, it is siblings saying bye to their younger ones who aren’t old enough yet for school, or a parent telling off a child for crossing the road before they gave them the signal to cross.

Everyday, I walk slower getting closer to the school gate and drop off point and I’m never disappointed because children will always be children! Haha.

I observed that most parents come, let the kids come out of the car and then they drive off, some parents wait to see them walk through the gate and then drive off. Today I saw a man come out of his car, wait for his daughter to walk through the gate, through the pathway and until she disappeared into the building before he walked away.

To be honest, she seemed old enough to know what to do but it brought joy to my heart witnessing her dad still wait till she made the whole journey into the school building before he moved an inch. It brought a huge smile to my heart and my face and before I knew it, I was saying to God that I want to be that kind of parent. Watching my child all the way.

I expected just a “noted daughter“, from God, but instead I got a “this is exactly how I am with you, I don’t just start your journey with you, I walk with you through it and I wait till you are safe in and with me before I move“. I was not sure what that meant so I probed my heart more and God showed me how unlike the other parents rushing off to work or other responsibilities, He is never rushing away from us. He is patient and watching us through all of life’s twists and turns and until we stand before Him, He will always have His eyes on us.

It was such a beautiful reminder for my Thursday morning, that even that minute, walking to work and being amused at school drop offs, My Heavenly Father had/has His eyes on me and He was not taking them off at any point.

Sometimes we go through seasons and wonder if God even sees what is happening. It is like ‘Yo God, this needs your attention‘, and it is weird because We are always the object of His attention, even when it does not seem or look like it.

It was a reminder for me, and now for you that He stands and watches you, from birth, through life’s journey and till you appear before him, and like the dad today who watched his daughter till she walked into the building, ignoring all other things clamouring for his attention in that hour, God also stays focused on all the other seeming bigger things that He could be focused on and He still watches you through it all.

Hagar had a deep revelation of God when she named God ‘The God who sees me – El Roi‘ in Genesis 16.

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