Saving us from ourselves

Most times, the mercy of God just looks like delivering us from obvious danger. We don’t see or declare His mercy until it looks like hero (Jesus) coming for victim (us).

In the last week, while studying on the life of Elisha I have seen a dimension of God’s mercy that could look like hero (Jesus) coming for vallain (us).

I was reading about the officer on whom the King of Israel leaned on in 2 Kings 7. Elisha had prophesied that by the following day, the famine that had plagued the land will end and products will go for unreasonable cheap prices.

This officer was privileged to be there when Elisha made this declaration and His only response to it was full of doubt. He said “even if the Lord should open the floodgates of the heavens, could this happen?“. It was mixed with a sprinkle of sarcasm and mockery. Elisha declared that He will see it but He will not eat of it and it was so.

As I read this, God reminded me of Zachariah. The father of John the Baptist. Remember the bible tells us that when the angel had appeared to Zachariah and informed him of Gods will with regards the birth of John, Zachariah expressed doubt and even after the Angel spoke to the doubt, the angel went further to shut his mouth until the day the child was born.

It was an act of mercy on the part of God to shut the mouth of Zachariah. Like the officer, Zachariah could have said something that would hinder him from seeing the manifestation of God in that capacity and so to prevent that, God left him mute.

Have you ever looked at a circumstance in your life and almost judged God for it? like ‘God where are you in all of this?‘. Through this story, God shows us that sometimes we judge a circumstance as attack without realising the act of mercy that is in it.

Sometimes we are our own villains without even realising it and because God is omniscient, He sees and He acts in advance of us destroying ourselves and what He wants to do in our lives. God goes on to act strategically, but without spiritual insight we will judge His mercy as punishment or consequence.

Zachariah lived to see the promise of the Father and also see His own son because of God’s act of mercy.

My prayer has been that God should open our eyes to see from His perspective, that we will not be guilty of calling His love and mercy punishment. I also pray against every spirit of doubt in the hearts of the saints, that when God speaks, we will choose to believe Him and doubt our reality.

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