One Lover, One Loved

I am not sure how qualified I am to write this blog post because I am not married but its been a thought burning in my heart since I started a new devotional titled ‘sex, purity and the longings of a girls heart‘.

As I’ve read and meditated on it, it’s become more and more apparent how sex is more about us and God than us and our spouses, and this is no attempt to ‘spiritualise‘ everything, but really, stay with me.

Like most things in this christian faith, God uses earthly realities to give us a glimpse into spiritual truths. It is why God often used parables; storytelling to teach kingdom principles, it is why we get baptised with water, its so mundane but the significance of that act spiritually is so magnificent. It is why circumcision, while appearing as a simple biological process, symbolises deep spiritual truth.

All around us, God uses our earthly elements to mirror and also teach us about Himself and His kingdom.

Several things I thought about while meditating on my devotional and i’ll share them with you;

Sex was intended to be between a man and his wife exclusively. It is God’s intent that only one man and one woman share that level of intimacy, it came alive in my spirit as the reason or an echo of the first commandment that says ‘I am the Lord your God, have no other God but me‘. God created Himself to stay unrivalled in the hearts of men. He literally made us with the deepest hunger for Himself alone.

Sex is made exclusive between a man and his wife because you and God are exclusive, nothing takes His place in you and nothing takes your place in Him. If this does not blow your mind, i’m not sure what will.

The intimacy of sex also depicts the oneness God desires between Himself and us, whether male or female. The oneness is a testament of Ephesians 2:6; “raised up with Christ and seated with Him in the heavenly realms IN Christ Jesus”. You and Abba are made one Spirit.

Sex is also designed to bring pleasure and if you dwell and abide in God’s presence, you might understand how this might perfectly mirror our secret place, how we get in and we don’t wanna come out or how we experience high levels of pleasure and satisfaction just sitting with Abba in Koinonia (Fellowship).

All of what sex is, is a mirror of God’s intention between us and Himself. It became apparent to me that there might be nothing strange about sex if we can master it in our walk with Abba, not neglecting the obvious jitters that might come with our human fallen nature since the fall of man.

I’ve just been in awe at how all of this earth is suppose to be a reflection of all of heaven including us and Abba.

The resultant effect of the fallen world is that we seek meaning for our sexuality away from The source and the effect of that is abuse and this abuse becomes a template for our relationship with God too; having several things battling God’s position in us, being one with blessings but not the giver of the blessings and finding pleasure in everything but the presence of God.

Our sexuality could easily mirror our hearts deepest hunger and that is a question we’ll all have to honestly answer, ‘what is the deepest desire of my heart?’

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