Dear Leah feeling defeated due to circumstances outside your control

A letter from Abba:

Dear Leah,
I think you should know that I know exactly how you feel. I was rejected by same people who shouted Hosannah. I watched people I love, scream “crucify him”. I watched the ones who had the power to protect and vindicate me collect money in place of my death.

So trust me, I know what it means to feel hurt and defeated by circumstances outside of your control.

The good news is that, because I felt this way, you really don’t have to feel it too. I felt that way so that you will feel loved, accepted and always validated.

Leah was given to a man who wanted her sister. She was basically rejected on her arrival because the man had her sister in mind and not her. She didn’t have a say over that but it happened.

You’re currently going through seasons that you did not author or instigate and it makes no sense why it hurts this much and everyday you’re wondering if “maybe it’s today I’ll give up”.

I want you to know that you’ve held on this far because I’ve held and kept you and you’ll go through this season and phase because you’re always held and kept in me. Don’t worry about that circumstance, it will change. Nothing is ever permanent on this side of life so see it as a nature of these present time which can never be compared to the coming glory.

Forget about the circumstances outside of your control and focus on Me, just as I am focused on you.

You’re accepted by me and that’s all that matters.
You’ve got this.

And remember that strength is a promise I keep.

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