Dear Leah feeling unloved and left out

A letter from Abba:

Dear Leah,
Fortunately, I will never be man again and the best of man will never be me. The human heart will always make a hierarchy, even with love most times. It’ll decide to love this person more than that person or even decide that the ones they’ve enjoyed the most favours from are the ones that’ll enjoy their love the most. It’s how you love your mum or siblings more than the stranger you met yesterday.

I don’t work that way, on the contrary, I work the exact opposite way. I don’t need you to be or do to love you, I never needed you to be or do to have loved you. I loved you while you were still a sinner.
You didn’t even have the capacity to doubt my love then, it makes no sense that you’ll begin to doubt it now that you’re in me and aware of my love.

Don’t allow this world be the lens through which you judge my love. The finest, the miracle workers, the richest, the most outspoken, the award winners, etc, are not evidences of those who have most of my love and you need to understand that.

My love isn’t a loaf of bread that is cut in chunks and handed out on a first come first serve basis, and even if it was, each chunk is full and whole taking no consideration of position.

I need you to constantly remind yourself that you’ve done nothing to get me to love you and you’ll do nothing to sustain my love for you.

Quit the comparison. Imagine you and I in a room, my eyes always, always on you, almost the same way a groom holds the gaze of his bride as she walks down the aisle. You’re that bride, you’re my bride.

There’s no Leah’s and Rachel’s here, only Sons, and sons are always loved.

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