Dear Leah never feeling enough or beautiful

A letter from Abba:

Dear Leah,
It’s true. Rachel had a lovely figure while Leah had weak eyes. I can easily inspire someone to write that because those descriptions don’t mean anything in the grand scheme of things. Neither stopped me from going to the cross.

I know you desire to be the beautiful one with ‘fine girl advantage’, but those extra pounds stare at you in the morning, your teeth is met with frowns each time you smile and your eyes, they’re just not bright enough right?

I also know you’re tired of hearing that beauty is from within and that the content is what matters and not the container, so I won’t tell you that today.

I’ll just show you something deeper you probably haven’t ever thought about.
Leah foreshadowed me, Jesus. Remember the same bible that tells you that Leah had weak eyes, also tells you “…He had no beauty or majesty to attract us to him, nothing in his appearance that we should desire him.”
‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭53:2‬
‘He’ here refers to Jesus. I also had no beauty to attract anyone to me, forget about the paintings you see on the media, but that did not change anything about me or my purpose. I fulfilled it regardless.

Leah foreshadowing me in that scripture could also be likened to how Jonah in the fishes belly for 3 days foreshadowed my stay in the grave for 3 days too. Don’t you get it? It all points to Me.

I want you to see me through every lens of the bible because all of it always points back to me, it tells you more about Me.

Forget about the crooked legs, forget about the belly fat, straight figure, flat chest and discoloured teeth, focus on me and the beauty I make of you daily. It doesn’t matter that you’re not the most attractive woman or man in the room, doesn’t matter that your height doesn’t qualify for the pageant, it doesn’t even matter that the acne on your face never go away. There’s more to Me & My kingdom than your physical appearance and I want to show you that more.

So yes, maybe this is Me telling you that only I get to determine what beauty is and I have determined that beauty is you.

You’re my beautiful & your beautiful is enough for Me.

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