Legless but wingfull

Earlier today I stood at my window that outlooks a busy street, I just took in all of nature that reminded me of how the world keeps moving no matter what/who stands still.

This year particularly, I’ve been forced to realise, that not even death stops the world from moving. It might slow down a bit for the people directly involved, but with time, things pick up and soon, everything is back to “normal” with just memories of the deceased. I think this thought reminds us to just take it easy and live as intentionally as we can daily, because none of it really stops, even after we leave.

As I stood looking out, my eye caught a bird sitting on a rail directly opposite of me. It had just one leg visible to me and I watched it, feeling terribly bad, that it carried all of its weight on one leg only.

I spent the next 10 minutes (yes, the bird just stayed there, watching me back) imagining how tough it must be for it and wondering what could have cost it it’s one leg.

I snapped out of my empathy when I looked at the bird’s eyes, it didn’t seem bothered about what was bothering me, maybe it had learned to live with it. But then again, I thought, maybe it didn’t even care that one leg was gone, because it had wings.

That brought a spark to my heart, that despite having one leg, it had its wings to still fly.

I think of how we human beings can get so carried away with our one leg, forgetting about the wings we have. We get so consumed in all that could have been if the one leg was there and we forget all that could be with the wings present.

I heard in my heart to “always look for the wings, even when you notice the absent leg first” and that’s been such a wholesome lesson for a day.

This doesn’t try to invalidate the hurt of the missing leg or all that led to it, but it reminds us that in spite of the missing legs, there are still wings. God is that intentional.

Now, You’re not going to believe that right before I turned away from my window, I saw the bird drop down it’s second leg from underneath its body. I don’t know how or why but guys, I wish you saw how loudly I laughed out. My heart needed the cheer anyway and I whispered a thank you to God. For allowing me learn that lesson before the bird dropped the other leg I thought was gone.

Look out for the wings.

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