Positioning taking priority

Reading about the life of Jesus will have you in awe of the kind of fearlessness Jesus displayed, in His words and actions.

I read a scripture today and after getting an understanding of it, I thought to myself, “wow, the fearlessness of being Jesus”, and the Holy Spirit corrected me and said “no, it’s the fearlessness of walking in the will of The Father”.

Several times we’ll have to remind ourselves that while Jesus is God and was God while on earth, He subjected Himself to the full human experience. He denied His deity nature for those 3 years He was on this earth, we see why He did that in Hebrews 4:15; So that He could be a High priest who is able to empathise with our weakness and who proved to be without sin despite being subjected to like passions.

How deeply do we believe that Jesus lived a life just like you and I and actually did not sin?

It’s easy to embrace the knowledge at a distance, but how about closing the gap and actually thinking through His entire life, seeing situations where He had every right to react differently from what He did and then realising that He chose differently always, to please the father and by extension, be sinless.

Notice the order of that; please the father comes first, be sinless comes next. We don’t try to be sinless to please the father. We make pleasing the father our agenda and His spirit in us works out righteousness that keeps us disinterested in sin.

In John 11:9, Jesus responding to His disciples (who didn’t want Him to go back to Judea to mourn with Mary and Martha over their brothers death because the Jews in Judea had previously attempted to stone Him to death) answered them saying, “Are there not twelve hours of daylight? Anyone who walks in the daytime will not stumble, for they see by this world’s light.”

Jesus’ response in plain terms was “I have an allocated time on this earth (12 hours of daylight), no one can take a second of that allocated time so long as I walk in the will of God (anyone who walks in daytime will not stumble).” In a plainer term, Jesus told His disciples that “they can’t kill me because it is not my time yet so let’s go!”

I asked myself if I was licensed to respond like this on any grounds and the Holy Spirit said yes, He reminded me of Psalm 91:16 and Psalm 90:10, then He summed it reminding me that Jesus didn’t speak the way He did because He was Jesus, He spoke the way He did because He was in the will of God.

Jesus demonstrates same boldness in the boat that threatened to capsize with the disciples. While they panicked, Jesus slept because no matter the height of that raging storm, Jesus knew that it was His lot to die on a cross, nothing in the books said anything about Him dying by drowning. So in that assurance, He rose up, rebuked the wind and then chastised the disciples for their faithlessness.

A lot of things change when a man commits to walking and living in Gods will, even His words. You speak with same level of confidence and fearlessness because you’re aware of the 12 hours of daylight.

I know it’s hard to swallow, Especially living in a world where we constantly hear “here today and gone tomorrow” or “no guarantee you’ll see tomorrow”, but if Gods word assures me of long life, it will be abstract to deny the possibility of long life because of the experiences of this life.

I’m a firm believer in testing the sayings and experiences of this life against the word of God, the moment I find a misalignment, I discard all others and stick with the word because that’s my life’s manual, not even my experiences or the sayings of those who have gone ahead.

We will be a lot bolder and fearless if we walked in Gods will; stay led by His Spirit. This was what made all the difference in Jesus life and not even the fact that He was Jesus.

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