Death sounds better…

I love encountering Christians that are brave enough to ask the questions that the majority of Christians shy away from. The ones who have become comfortable in their salvation and know that they won’t be guilty of blasphemy for saying things how it is on their heart. They’ve come to understand that reverential fear of God doesn’t equate to denying thoughts or ideas that are largely unpopular to fellow believers.

I’ve read about loads of such Christians in my lifetime and in my generation, every now and again, I meet with some.

C.S. Lewis is one of them. The ones who dared to ask and answer the questions most Christians will shy away from under the guise of “Gods sovereignty” or “Gods will”.

I’m convinced not every Christian is like that for a reason, as a matter of fact, the ones with this level of criticality are only a handful in any group of Christians. It’s a no brainer why they’re not more, they’re in a very delicate place that could very easily border on overtly logical, scientific and soon maybe even blasphemous.

I read C.S. Lewis sometimes and I gasp at his reasoning to certain questions because guiding readers through the journey to the conclusion must have been very delicate to avoid falling into heresy, which is very easy to do, if not guided by the Holy Spirit.

Doesn’t change the fact that we’re all one though, operating as one body with One Spirit, but the differences in our midst cannot be denied and they’re given so that together, we might all be thoroughly built up, complimenting each other with our gifts, strengths and abilities.

It’s also realising that there’s the people of the world who will hear the gospel and accept it only from certain kinds of people, not because of the person, but because of the bespoke expression of the gospel through that person in a unique way.

I came across a tweet from this cool Christian lady I’ve followed on twitter for a while now. Because of the consistency of her tweets and our little engagement, I know she’s a born again Christian, but one that definitely falls into the category described above. Her tweets could appear borderline heretic to a new convert if not discerned well. Don’t get me wrong, it comes just as simple, but parable-like in a critical way.

She tweeted that even as a Christian, she had not come to find the idea of eternity in a happy place as something attractive, she concluded the tweet saying she wished death was the final end. A few people engaged with the tweet agreeing too, but I discerned some may not have understood it well before agreeing, cause I remember someone even talking about dreading the singing in heaven when they don’t even like to sing and can’t sing (referring to how the bible tells us that we’ll be worshipping God through eternity).

I read the tweet a couple of days ago but I can’t tell you how much my heart kept going back to it. I was disturbed at first, like how don’t you find the idea of eternity with This God that I know attractive!? How would you choose a total end to life after death over forever with Abba? Questions that still remain unanswered, but on the flip side, wondering if the occurrences of this world have in some little way found itself tainting the idea of a perfect eternity with the lover of our souls.

I don’t in any way lay claim on fully understanding the thoughts of my twitter friend before her tweet or demean her thoughts on death and eternity in this post, she’s just as instrumental in the body of Christ as I am, even with all our differences.

I’ve dreamt severally of myself before the throne of God, I documented one I had of the marriage supper of the lamb here, I’ve also been in prayer in my secret place and seen all else disappear, just me before the throne of Abba and everything was perfect (like where anyone would want to be forever and ever). Unlike C.S. Lewis, my faith is so babylike and for that, I’m constantly left in awe, everything about God and His creation literally sends chills down my spine and heavy tears down my face. The awe I feel always overcomes my logic and honestly, I’m grateful I fall here. At the same time I’ve gleaned a lot from the life and writing of critical Christians like C.S Lewis, who asked and answered the questions I could’ve never even known to ask or answer. It’s the balance of this body of Christ, how we help each other through our strengths and look out for each other in the areas of weakness.

Maybe more thoughts were behind that tweet but I felt it impressed on me that maybe there’s more people out here who secretly harbour those thoughts in their heart; not desirous of heaven or eternity with God and wishing death to be the final end.

I just wanted to say that just maybe we’re operating in an earthen level of understanding to fully grasp the gift and joy that we have to spend eternity with Abba. Maybe we’ve witnessed the wickedness and evil of this world so much that the finality of death sounds like a better idea of rest than eternity with Abba. Maybe we’ve also not fully understood the gravity of what it means and what it will be like to spend eternity with Abba hence our perceived, incomplete understanding.

So many maybes, but ultimately, is the maybe that we’ve not known and enjoyed Abba to the degree He wants us to know and enjoy Him here on earth, hence why we can’t imagine a forever with Him… (a blogpost on this point alone here).

I later got to find out why this stayed etched in my heart this long, it’s because I felt it hurt Abba deeply to know that people He’s excited and in love with and looking forward to spending forever with will rather that death be the final end rather than His intended new earth and heaven with Him…

I hope this stirs you to ask yourself critical questions about your knowledge and understanding of eternity with God, but beyond that, consider this a gentle call to come and know and understand this God and His nature, you can’t know and understand Him and not want forever with Him, it’s aberrational.

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