The Wise, the Foolish and the Loved

Few things make me cry like an atmosphere filled with a tangible presence of the love of God. It’s so tangible you might be able to literally feel a presence around you. First time I experienced this was the afternoon I gave my life to Christ, the time I committed to walking intentionally with God and living my life for Him.

I’ll never be able to fully describe what I physically and spiritually felt that day, it was too much, all I could do was wail, my heart couldn’t comprehend it.

Gods love must be real to us at every point in our lives, but every now and again in my secret place, I experience this height of love in the atmosphere that is totally beyond the everyday love atmosphere, I hope I don’t sound heretic with this description.

Last night I sat to pray again and as I did, with a weak body and mind, I started to experience that same atmosphere. As is the usual response, I cried out and shouted because like I said, my heart was unable to comprehend this height of love.

This time, I could pinpoint the revelation that brought me here; As I sat in silence, God brought to my heart the parable of the wise and foolish virgins, I started to pray to God to “forgive me for where I’ve been foolish and help me to be wise, ready for your arrival”. I started praying that way and God stopped me and His spirit started to open me to see the same parable in a different way now.

God was saying that in this time, there’s no shut door or foolish virgin, He said the door to the banquet is held open, the virgins already inside are the ones ushering other virgins in at whatever time they come, when they come, the door is open and they’re let in.

God said we’re in a time where the bridegroom is the light of the lamp the wise virgins had and for those who don’t have ‘extra oil’, there’s no problem because He’s taking us by the hand and being our light to guide us into the banquet.

I had a vision of Jesus anchoring a wedding, each time someone was at the door, He signalled one of the virgins inside to let the person in and clean them up, ready to join the wedding banquet. At whatever point someone came, the door was open and a virgin who had been in was now assigned to care for this new virgin and prepare them for the banquet.

I initially thought that vision heretic and contrary to popular teaching of that parable. But as I went back to read the parable this morning, I noticed that the chapter starts with “At that time …”, the KJV says “Then shall the kingdom …”

At what time, why does it start with ‘then’?

The preceding chapter is the one that ushers us into this verse and it talks of the coming of God at a time no one knows. It is only after this return that there will be wise and foolish virgins.

Right now, in this time, we’re all considered welcome because the door to the banquet is left open and He is the one lighting the way to guide us into the banquet, those with and those without extra oil.

This revelation was God showing me His love for humanity, how there’s no dichotomies to wise and foolish now because in His eyes, all He sees is Loved.

We’re in a time and place where Jesus Himself is our extra oil, ushering us by Himself into His presence.

But, Then, a time will come when He moves from usher to chief guest of the ceremony and when that time comes, there will be the wise and foolish virgins based on what we did with this era where there is only the Loved virgins.

While there’s an important message to take advantage of this era, the bigger message for me was Gods eye being able to see only a Loved people. Not a wise or foolish people.

Guys, this love does something in and to you. It eliminates the possibility of any folly and gives you a heart like Gods own and we know that being omniscient, His heart is full of wisdom, which makes us wise and full of wisdom too.

There’s a cry from heaven, ushering all of humanity into the love of God. Not the theoretical one where we just tell people that “Jesus loves you”, but the practical dispensation where they come and we, who have come to the knowledge of our standing in the banquet, open the door, usher them in and acquaint them with the agenda of the banquet while we await the coming of our bridegroom as chief guest of the marriage supper of the Lamb and all doors will indeed be shut.

As mesmerised as I am of Gods love, something in me still doesn’t want to fully grasp it because the new dimension it reveals every time keeps me hungry to stay consecrated to see the next dimension.

I pray for all of us, that we’ll come to a revelation of this love of God so often spoken about. That we’ll move from a head knowledge, to a heart and experiential knowledge of what is means to be a Loved people.

The door is not shut yet, it is still open and you’re still welcome. So come, come quickly.

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