We’re here.

I grew up with two older sisters, I got away with a lot because of it. I didn’t learn to take responsibility very early because either of my older sisters was always present and they were the ones charged with responsibilities, I just had to do what they said.

I got so used to it, up until life started to take us in different places, for work, for school and even for marriage. I started to learn, still learning even, but it’s so much growth from where I remember I started.

I travelled with one of them over the weekend and I noticed how calm I was. Usually when I’m off to a new place, I’ve got my eyes peeled on the map on my phone to ensure I’m not missing a stop or anything that could delay my journey. I’m so alert and attentive, to every announcement or change in plans, to ensure I arrive safely and in time.

Having her there with me this weekend meant she had to stress about that, so I took a book on the journey, paid full attention to every word I read and totally neglected the idea that I was on a train and needed to get off at a stop. I was only guided by her “Rubie we’re here” or “we’re getting off at the next stop”.

It felt nostalgic but just as pleasing, that I didn’t have to stress about the how, but only listen for her voice on the when. We arrived at our destination safely and in time and it was only when we got back home I got to fully appreciate the relaxed journey I had in a while because someone else was there to take the responsibility of the how in navigation.

The Holy Spirit said to me that it’s not too different from His presence in the life of every believer. He’s there to focus on the how while we just listen out for His leading. When we insist on taking the pressure of discovering the how, we’re too distracted to listen for His voice.

My journey reminded me of the clarity and ease that should come with walking in The Spirit. Not in a lazy way but in a I-know-who’s-got-this way. He said to me “enough of taking the pressure that I was sent for”.

We deny the Holy Spirit His function when we insist on doing by labour what He will do with ease. I know we like control and like to predict outcomes, but our faith walk will teach us that control and prediction is only a myth to the natural man who bears no aseity nor knows what the next minute holds.

The fallen world is what convinces us against quiet listening but cheers us on in loud control that we really don’t have.

So I was reminded over the weekend, that there’s Someone given for the control I desire to have and all I have to do is listen out for the voice of this Person. If we’re not too busy figuring it out ourselves, maybe we’ll hear when He says “we’re here” or “get off at the next stop”.

The reality of God right inside of us must be evidenced by the navigation of our lives and characterised mostly by quiet listening and not noisy bustling.

15 thoughts on “We’re here.

  1. davidsdailydose says:

    I have two older brothers, Rubie, and can relate well to your story. I don’t remember making many decisions as a child-they were made FOR me. Trusting God with the how and when is much better than charting my own course. Great post!

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