New realities

When my dad suffered a stroke in 2016, while he was in a coma after his surgery, I remember my mum having several meetings with the neurosurgeons and cardiologists so often. We were already on edge due to the nature of the situation so whenever I spoke to her, I’d always ask what the doctors said.

Almost all the time, she’ll reply saying “I won’t confess what they said with my own mouth”, so inevitably what would happen is that only her would know the full details because truly, she wouldn’t repeat it with her mouth lol.

I was reading about the spies sent to Canaan this night. I was especially concerned about the 10 who came back with seeming “bad reports” and then Joshua and Caleb who were convinced that they could take the land.

I wonder often what made Joshua and Caleb report differently than the other 10 because the other 10 didn’t actually lie, their perspective of the people of Canaan just made them (the Israelites) the inferior and timid ones.

Joshua and Caleb on the other hand, saw and testified of victory despite seeing people twice their size occupying the land.

While I don’t subscribe to a person denying their reality in an attempt to faith it, I think there’s truly a level of power in confession for the believer, what we use our mouths to say. I suspect that if all 12 of them reported to Moses that they were as grasshoppers in the eyes of the Canaanite, none of them or their descendants would’ve seen the promised land, I believe that on the confession of Joshua and Caleb, the promised land was realised for the rest of Israel.

After my dad woke up from the coma, he started talking normally and acting normally too, contrary to the words of the doctors to my mum in those meetings, it was then my mum started to share with us some of the things they had said.

I wouldn’t know now if her refusal to confess it had anything to do with the play of things in the end but I do know that just maybe she knew something that Joshua and Caleb did too.

Very early in my life I learnt the power of confession as a believer, growing up in a Christian home and going to Christian schools, and I don’t take it for granted because I believe that like the lyricist of So will I sang about God; “And as You speak, A hundred billion creatures catch Your breath, Evolving in pursuit of what You said”, we have similar access.

As we’ve been made in His image and likeness, to some large degree we possess same ability; speaking our circumstances and environments into obedience to Gods word.

So I’m praying for myself and for you as well, that we’ll have eyes to see like my mum, like Joshua and Caleb, that our hearts will conceive in accordance to Gods word and not the reality staring at us and that we’ll have the boldness to speak it, even when it all appears contrary.

Again, this is no license to go about lying to cover or deny your situation, admit it where you’ll get help but even then, let your heart be drenched in faith that can become your reality.

As delusional and as crazy as it might seem, may it continue with us; may our faith always command our realities.

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