Malfunctioning Heart

God tells us that He has set eternity in the human heart right after He tells us that He has made all things beautiful in its time. (Ecclesiastes 3:11)

I find it interesting that God acknowledges the reality of time on this side of life but also lets us know that we have eternity (which is timeless) set in our hearts.

The scripture makes me believe that it might be a malfunctioning of the believer to be so time conscious and live without constant thoughts of where we will spend our moments outside of time, especially the life after this life.

I woke up with a financial burden on my heart 2 days ago, it weighed me down so much, I was convinced I needed to walk, thankfully I had somewhere I needed to be so I set out. The only thing that consumed my mind was this burden, and as I crossed a road to my destination, I heard a thundering sound and in a split second, saw a man flying across the road and landing on the opposite road with a loud thud, flat on the ground.

I screamed, ran across the road, and got to where he lay. For the first time in my life, I perfectly understood why a helmet was made and why it is so necessary because humanly speaking, this man would’ve died on the spot if he didn’t have that helmet on, the impact on his body was too heavy for the human body to withstand.

Nothing mattered in that moment, the crowd built and in a few minutes the police and ambulance were on ground.

This is the second time I’m going to witness a car and cyclist accident this close and every time, it brings my thoughts back to eternity, where it should really always be.

As I walked away from the scene, thankful for the outcome, knowing fully well that it could’ve been worse, I heard such a loud rebuke from the Holy Spirit on the focus on my thoughts and heart, and suddenly, my heart was set back to its origin focus; eternity.

The Holy Spirit asked me what I thought was going through that man’s mind as he lay there on the ground, how much of his burdens mattered then, If he even had the consciousness to remember burdens, and this sobered me.

We can get so carried away in the day to day occurrences of this world, both good and bad and forget how temporal this all is and where we are headed.

I felt deeply humbled realising that my burden of today won’t matter in another year, and even if it did, in light of eternity, that was still nothing, and that shrinked my problem to its original size; negligible.

Am I saying it doesn’t matter anymore? Am I saying it’s all been sorted cause I witnessed an accident 2 days ago? Am I suggesting we ignore our legitimate issues and think about heaven?

No, neither of this. I’m just saying that we look at this life always through the lens of eternity so that nothing in our lives seem magnified beyond it’s rightful size. This is why the Father has set our hearts on eternity by default, any other setting will be a setup for worry, doubt and fear.

When things are their original size, we can think through them without the anxiety, panic or fear that comes with magnified issues.

We can remember Gods words and prophecy’s to us and confess them through those seasons, We can boldly confess Gods sovereignty over situations and remember that the suffering of this present time is not worth comparing with the coming glory.

This brings my heart a lot of peace.

Nothing should be strong enough to shake eternity from my heart. Once I lose sight of eternity, I become burdened with the race against time, which only makes for an impatient, distrusting, ignorant child who does not trust her Father who does all things well.

Don’t reset your heart. It’s okay that you’re full of heaven thoughts amidst the chaos of earth.

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