Good God until it breaks

I’m such a fangirl of the Spirit of God and of the many things we experience and enjoy in Christ, my favourite has to be His Spirit dwelling right inside of me.

It’s all the assurance to know that God didn’t plan for us to walk this earth alone and daily I hope we acknowledge the gift He is and make His presence count for much in our lives.

I placed a glass bottle of vinegar in a cupboard in my kitchen, I’m not sure why but from the first day I bought it, I kept it at the edge in the cupboard and it’s always been there. Each time I open this cupboard, the glass bottle trips and falls, but I’ve been so fortunate that it always falls into my chest, arms and sometimes hands, right before it hits the ground.

This has been ongoing for over 4 months, and in 4 months, I’ve been fortunate all the times it fell and I was able to catch it.

Today, it happened again, but this time, it was just so close to hitting the ground and breaking, by some miracle, my hands reached quickly and caught it before it did. After catching my breath, I reached to put it back where it had been (don’t judge me), and honestly I heard the Holy Spirit clearly say “oh, we’re still going to put it back there? Okay” (verbatim). Lool

It didn’t take me a minute to finally admit my folly and reposition the bottle to a place that it is secure no matter when and how the cupboard is opened.

I sat and thought to myself after having a hearty laugh at the Holy Spirits sarcastic rebuke, there’s really no reason why I didn’t reposition that bottle all the many times it had fallen, I guess I became familiar and used to the fortune of always catching it before it dropped and broke, so I kept at it.

I’m certain that if I didn’t finally heed the warning by the circumstance, and also by the voice of the spirit today, one day the bottle would’ve actually hit the ground and shattered and I would’ve been the first to shout “the devil is a liar” lol

It is actually so easy to fall into the trap of taking Gods mercy for granted. We get so used to Him saving us and we keep at it, expecting a mercy we neither acknowledge or honour by our disobedience.

Tonight I’m reminded that the Holy Spirit must count for much in my life; in private and in public, in the simple, mundane things and in the big, complex things too. We will save ourselves so much hurt, pain and time if we heed the voice of the Spirit, whether through a circumstance, a vessel or directly in our hearts.

May we never become overly familiar with the mercy of God. Amen.

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