Rahab introduced a category of girls in the bible termed “bad for a season, but not forever”

She was one of the most unfortunate bad girls in the bible.
I say unfortunate because unlike most of them, Rahab’s escapades were known in her society.
People actually knew, identified and referred to her as a harlot.
Might also be worth noting that even in the hall of Faith In Hebrews 11, the bible referred to her as “Rahab the prostitute”.
Not to shame her in any way, but to reveal the power of Grace on her.

Rahab was the known prostitute, she didn’t have anything to hide because anything she could’ve hidden was already out and known so I’m thinking she lived a really ‘free’ life.
She didn’t need to defend or protect anything because everyone knew her.

When Rahab hosted the 2 spies that went to Jericho, the bible says that she had heard all that God had done for the Israelites and had hidden all that they said in her heart, meaning that the God had already started to work in her even before they arrived. (Faith comes by hearing…)
She knew in her heart that there was a God but she didn’t understand it completely till they came to her.
After her encounter with the men, who else knew?
Asides herself and the two men she hosted, no one knew Rahab had accepted the God of the Israelites so there’s every tendency that she was still referred to as the prostitute and still battled with several advances from her usual clientele.

But she was a changed woman.
If no one knew, at least she and God knew and despite the fact that her surrounding didn’t recognise it, Rahab was not discouraged from living the new life she had committed herself to.

We deal with bad habits everyday, sometimes it’s glaring and obvious and other times, it’s more subtle and can be overlooked, and while we try to change them and make ourselves better, we sometimes still fault.
A lot of times, you alone will know what you’re working on in yourself so when society come and point long accusing fingers at you when you fault, it won’t be the time to pack up and say you can’t do it.
Like Rahab, we’ll stay doing the right thing until one day, they realise that “she’s not the girl she use to be”.

The same confidence Rahab had when she was a prostitute was the same confidence she exhibited when she turned from that lifestyle.
People recognised it as the ‘prostitute confidence’ but She and God knew that it was borne from a new source.

Don’t give up working on yourself or on something because people around you can’t see the changes and improvement.
Give them the benefit of doubt every time that they really do not know the process going on.

The best way to change will be through your actions, talk they say, is cheap.
So live right till your actions speak for you.

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