Adjust the Crown


If you’ve watched Tyler Perry’s Acrimony movie, you know exactly what an anchor it, it is that thing that sunk her down into the sea in the end after her attempted murder. Obviously that’s not the dictionary definition but it is easier to use experiential scenarios to define something rather than just read it from a dictionary, which is my best tip to anyone trying to expand their vocabulary, don’t just read and write down definitions, it is more useful to write down sentences using the word, you’ll remember it more than writing down the definition. You’re welcome! lol

That’s not the point of the post though, I just needed to be sure I was not assuming that we all knew the definition of an anchor.

There’s 2 ways to understand this post and i’m coming from a certain way which i’ll make clearer as we go on.

Saying ‘Jesus Christ is the anchor of the church’, does not mean, He is the lover who doesn’t want to see the church flourish and progress. As a matter of fact, it is His desire that the church continues to grow and flourish daily, so His anchoring the church is not Him standing in the way of the progress of the church. It is anchor to keep her grounded in what will cause her to flourish even more.

A friend was sharing with me how Marriage isn’t in the cards for her for a vary of reasons which were quite vague, so I probed further and asked her to explain the general words she kept using and her fears were mainly tied to what she’d seen, heard and witnessed in her home as marriage, so it did make sense that she automatically concluded that this was what marriage was all about and clearly not what she wanted. There were a lot of instances she made referring to her having to do something just to keep her husband happy and the marriage afloat and the majority of her reasons echoed one who feared becoming a prisoner to someone or something.

For her, a husband was synonymous to an anchor which she stayed tied to and did things according to, if she did not want to sink. And I began to share with her my view of what really it is from my study of the bible as well as experience and godly counsel.

Any godly man who’s going to come for you will be more of wings than an anchor. His desire is not to ‘tame’ you, but to promote your flight, because your flight is his flight as well. I shared how the man would always desire to see her win, just as Christ constantly desires the church to win, while cheering us on, equipping us daily with all we need to make it a reality.

Here’s how convinced I am of this, there’s this verse in the bible that gives me goosebumps each time I read it. It is the verse that refers to a virtuous woman as ‘a crown on her husbands head’.

A virtuous woman is a crown to her husband, but a wife who puts him to shame is like bone cancer. – Proverbs 12;4

If you need to re-read that verse, please do, because it will give you a picture of the the value and importance of the wife to her husband as it is being compared to a crown on a king’s head.

Speaking real life now, a king never, never jokes with His crown. In fact disrespect of that object is outright disrespect to the king himself because only one person wears that crown during their tenure. The kings crown is value not just to him, but to his kingdom because it basically has power which it gives to whoever wears it. So It is well taken care of, maintained and constantly refreshed because it is a representation of the King Himself.

A godly man takes proper care of His crown which includes fostering her progress and not limiting it because the crown is his representation.

Marriage is really twisted in our generation as a result of a  lot of factors which really are all rooted in the ploy of the enemy to destroy such a powerful ministry which God ordains.

For those of you who keep check-lists for future hubby, feel free to add ‘Wings and not Anchor’ because God will never lead us into the hands of someone who will limit His work in our lives rather than facilitate it.

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