Running back to the cross

by His feet

A friend and I crossed a new threshold recently. I have found that friendships grow stronger bonds the more vulnerability grows, so essentially, the more open you are with letting people into your space, the more bonded you’ll be. Our levels of friendships with different people vary with the levels of vulnerability in each of those relationships.

It is why some cousins are almost like family to us, particularly the ones who have grown up with us and lived with us. They’ve seen it all and know the good, the bad and the ugly. Intimacy grows same way, the more indepthly people know us, the more intimate they grow. Feel free to read this post on intimacy to get a better view of what i’m saying.

So my friend opened up to me about a personal struggle and we spent the evening talking and then praying about it. She said something to me that struck a cord, she said she’d been wanting to speak to me about it for the longest but didn’t know how to say it. She kept asking me not to look at her funny before she finally started talking… lol

I think we sometimes see God that way, as the big man up there who is mad at us for not spending time with Him, or for not giving offering, or for doing something we know was wrong. But we forget that God operates with us in purity, even when we have been impure, the pure blood of Jesus speaks on our behalf. While God is not excited or glorified each time we sin or do anything that doesn’t glorify Him, He also does not turn against us or begin to see us as ‘unclean’.

The bible (Isaiah 59:1-2) makes us understand that sin separates us from God and that is only possible because of the holiness of God, His holiness cannot stand sin, but Jesus makes it possible for Him to stand in spite of sin, as long as there is repentance.

We must run towards God always and never away when we feel guilt. The moment we isolate in guilt, we give the devil room to do more damage. God always calls us to Himself with wide open arms and often times, it is up to us to run to Him and not away from Him when we feel we have faulted.

God teaches us same when we come to Him, to look at others through His eyes and not as the world will see them even after a horrible past.

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